people drinking wine during thanksgiving

Wines That Bring Out Your Thanksgiving Spirit

Halloween has passed, and now it’s time to fall in love with the next autumn holiday—Thanksgiving. We love sitting around the table, gorging on scrumptious food and wine while we chat with loved ones. However, Thanksgiving always seems to be overshadowed by December’s holidays.

Don’t let your Thanksgiving fly by without a thought of gratitude and thankfulness—no matter how insane this year has been. We challenge you to really home in on giving thanks this year. And what better way to do that than with some beautiful wines that bring out your Thanksgiving spirit! Plus, they’ll pair well with the meal. Take a look!

Whites for Thanksgiving

Even though we prefer reds for Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good whites to pair. We list two below, but there are others out there!

Sauvignon Blanc

Some might expect to see Chardonnay on our list of white wines, but we actually prefer the versatility of a nice Sauvignon Blanc instead. It can pair well with your turkey, your appetizers, and even a few of your favorite desserts. It’s the perfect bottle if you’re still a bit stuck in summer, too!

Lillet Blanc

If you’re the type to try different wines depending on the course, start off with a glass of Lillet Blanc. This European-style aperitif is full of citrus fruits and zests, as well as some aromatic barks. Start your Thanksgiving off with this beauty!

Reds for Thanksgiving

Reds are the standard for this holiday—and you can’t go wrong with most. Explore a few of our favorites!

Pinot Noir

Of course, Pinot Noir is on the list! Whether you purchase a bottle from Napa or France, there are sure to be flavors that scream Thanksgiving. From cedar and autumn spices to fruit-forward red berry notes, there’s a bottle of Pinot for whatever dish you’re serving. We recommend getting a few different bottles of this to show off how varied this wine style is.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Trying to fall face-first into the fall and winter holidays? Warm yourself up and get your Thanksgiving spirit tingling with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. A nice, full-bodied wine is an excellent pair for the heartier dishes on your table—take a sip of this and a bite of turkey to experience this holiday in a new light!

Bubbles for Thanksgiving

Now, if you’re trying to please everyone this year, choose some bubbles. Besides which, we all deserve to celebrate the holidays! There are plenty of sparkling wines out there that will meet the needs of your family, but we’d suggest going a bit drier.

Blanc de Blancs Brut

The “white of whites”—Chardonnay—makes its mark on this sparkling variety. If you’re lucky enough to get a bottle that’s truly Champagne and not just sparkling wine, make sure to enjoy it on its own before pairing it. Made from 100 percent Chardonnay grapes, this bubbly is crisp and beautiful on your palate—and it will pair wonderfully with every dish on the table.

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