WTSO’s Cellar ReOrder: Buy Your Favorites Again at Any Time

If you love wine as much as we do, you know the struggle of trying a delicious glass of wine at a restaurant or event and never being able to find a bottle of it again. Well, we don’t want any bottle to be the wine that got away — so we created the cellar reorder feature just for you.

Click this image to watch our video about the cellar reorder feature!


With WTSO’s cellar reorder, you don’t have to worry about letting another bottle slip through your fingers. Just visit the personal wine collection you created, and you’ll be able to re-buy that bottle you can’t stop thinking about in just a few clicks. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create or log-in to your free WTSO account
  2. Order any available bottles of wine across all shopping methods (Limited Time Flash Deal, Weekly Tasting, Last Chance)
  3. Visit “My Personal Online Cellar” in your account
  4. Find all available wines you’ve ordered in the past on your custom page
  5. Re-order any bottles in your cellar at any time
  6. Create a collection of all your favorites so you can continue to stock up
  7. Never miss out on ordering a delicious and memorable bottle of wine!

It’s as simple as that! Whether you just finished up a bottle you loved or you want your dinner guests to try a wine you already ordered before, your WTSO cellar is the place to go. Buy a bottle, enjoy it, and order it again the next time you want it. Or better yet, stock up on a favorite bottle to fill up your wine fridge!

Visit your WTSO account today to start filling up your cellar and start reordering your favorites today.


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