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Glasvin Glassware

Glasvin High Quality White Wine Glasses Set Of 2


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The Precision is a white wine glass designed to show off the acidity and minerality in white wines. It will also conveniently double as a flute that accentuates the flavors of sparkling wines. Great for the space-constrained. Each item is unique.� H: 24.0cm, W: 8.2cm, CAP: 438ml.

About Glasvin:
�Glasvin is an innovative direct-to-consumer stemware company renowned for its hand-blown glassware, prioritizing quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service. Striving to make premium glassware accessible to all wine aficionados, Glasvin boasts accolades such as usage in numerous US and Michelin-starred restaurants, being the official glass of La Paul�e, and features in prominent publications like NYMag and Forbes. In addition, partnerships with artisan glassblowers ensure responsibly sourced, unique products. The company's philosophy emphasizes the importance of simplicity in design, originating from New York City, and celebrates timeless elegance. Additionally, Glasvin champions inclusion and diversity, proudly identifying as a minority-owned enterprise advocating for broader minority participation in the wine sector. With a commitment to its community, Glasvin invites customers to share their wine stories and stay connected.
Unit Size750 ML