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What is Super Tuscan Wine?

Whether you’re an Italian wine enthusiast, a beginner, or a sommelier in the making, you cannot overlook super Tuscans. These red wines pair well with vegetables, herbs, salty and spicy meats, and more. Read on to learn exactly what a super Tuscan wine is.

A Brief History of Tuscan Wine

Super Tuscans are a category of wine from—you guessed it—Tuscany, Italy. The term “super Tuscan,” was made popular in the 1980s. The term merely indicates a red wine from Tuscany; however, the grapes used to make the wine do not need to be native to Italy. The earliest known super Tuscan wine dates to 1971 and was made by Antinori. This innovation stemmed from Italian winemakers having the desire to develop a wine outside the Italian wine regulations, known as Denominazione d’Origine Controllata.

The Essential Features of Tuscan Wines

When someone asks, “what is a super Tuscan wine?” there are a few features that must be present. First, the wine must be from Tuscany. Additionally, a super Tuscan is always a red blend, and Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are among the most common when making super Tuscans. 

The Flavor Profile of Tuscan Wine

Super Tuscans can have a wide range of flavor profiles, tannins, and bodies. High-quality super Tuscans are full-bodied, rich, and spicy. Many of them feature familiar notes, such as cherry and plum. Other super Tuscans can have notes of tobacco, oak, cedar, or various spices. 

Whether you’ve had a super Tuscan before or not, individuals who prefer the dryness and dark flavors of red wines will enjoy a glass or two of a super Tuscan. At Wines ‘Til Sold Out, we offer a large variety of wines to choose from—including super Tuscans. If you need help choosing a bottle, whether it be for you or a gift, our wine experts can help. Contact us, so we can assist you.