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What Is Syrah Wine?

Red wine is truly a staple in cuisines around the world, but in the world of wine, nothing compares to France. Syrah wine originated in France, but you can also find it in places like Australia and California. Anyone who enjoys a glass or two of red wine must try Syrah and experience its wonderful characteristics. Continue reading to find out what Syrah wine is, what to eat with it, and (of course) its history.

A Brief History of Syrah Wine

Syrah wine—also called Shiraz—is a dark-skinned grape grown in multiple areas of the world. Though it’s not known if this is its origin, the Rhône region of France has the most comprehensive history of Syrah wine. Shyra and Shiraz are the same grape at their core, but their regions differ. Colder climates, such as Hermitage, generally refer to their wines as Syrah, while warm climates, like Barossa, call them Shiraz.

What Does Syrah Taste Like?

Syrah wines are full-bodied and dry with jam-like aromas. The flavor profile can include notes of blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, olives, clove, mint, chocolate, rosemary, tobacco, and vanilla. There are often notes of oak as well because Syrah wines are aged in oak. Depending on where your Syrah wine comes from, some of these notes may be more intense or not present at all.

Syrah Food Pairing

Now that you know more about Syrah wine, you can try it with food pairings! This wine pairs brilliantly with meats such as duck and veal, but it also goes great with barbecued meats. Don’t worry—meat isn’t the only pairing option. Syrah goes well with soft cheeses, stews, and pastas too.

Syrah is an underappreciated red wine that you should try. These wines are easy to sip on the porch or at the dinner table. Wines ‘Til Sold Out offers a large variety of wines to choose from. If you need any help choosing a bottle or four, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. We are happy to help!