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Repour WineSaver

REPOUR 4-Piece WineSaver

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How Does Repour Work?

  • There's a special packet inside the stopper, and material in the packet reacts with oxygen until there is NO oxygen left.

Simple steps to fresher wine:

  • Each Repour stopper will save one 750ML bottle of wine.
  • Remove the foil tab and place it in an open bottle. Repour then gets to work removing the oxygen from the wine.
  • Repour works so well, the wine may need to "open up" again when you return to pour another glass.
  • Keep Repour in the bottle when not pouring wine so it continues to absorb oxygen from the wine - not from the air in the room
  • Bottles with Repour should be stored upright. 

 How Long Does Repour Last

  • Repour keeps a 750 ml bottle fresh for up to 2 months.
  • You can use the same Repour multiple times on the same bottle and enjoy your wine until the bottle is empty.
  • Replace the original closure (cork or screw cap) with a Repour and keep it with the bottle until it's empty.

Repour is made from 100% recyclable materials.

Unit Size750 ML
Alcohol Content11%