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WTSO Reviews

For over ten years, WTSO has proudly and reliably offered high-quality wines at affordable prices to wine lovers while providing outstanding customer service. Here's what our members think of us:

What Our Members Are Saying

"I like being able to buy good wine at a good price and not have to carry it home. The system is also very easy to use."


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Would recommend Wines 'Til Sold Out to a Friend

Andrew B
Leighton N
Great, affordable Italian wines that can be challenging to find in smaller markets. Superb service and tasty wines.
Steve G
I like being able to buy good wine at a good price and not have to carry it home. The system is also very easy to use.
Ron I
Nicholas Q
Variety is great overall. I would like to see more unusual wines such as Austria and Portugal.
Dave H
Perhaps a greater variety of white wines.
Gretchen Q
Your app needs to resolve some glitches but the email works just fine.
Dana M
WTSO never disappoints with their selections of wonderful wines at great prices. Have experienced wines I would never have without WTSO!
John G.
Wonderful personal service across the years. Now with pick ups possible at Walgreens, even better. John G.
Dennis F
great prices and fast delivery!
Burl F
I am very happy with my = collection of reds from all over the world. The prices have been competitive and the selection is hard to beat. I find the reviews from WTSO very helpful at understanding the nature of the wines offer. I would buy more from them if I have more storage space.
Gerald G
Easy and quick.
Frank R.
I like the convenience and free shipping. Would like to see great wines offered more often.
Paul L
So easy and efficient!
Ben M
Service is excellent, website is easy to use and prices are reasonable. What I like the most is free shipping.
Jim A
Good offers on good wines! Easy to order and I like the free shipping. Buying 4 bottles at a time of continually changing offerings is fun and provides a great variety of experiences.
Bob P
Interesting, affordable wines and outstanding customer service
Peter M
Awesome service and great values - best place to buy good wine!
Christian B
Bill M
I have been very satisfied with all my dealings with WTSO.
Donna P
I love the variety of choices, the convenience of ordering, and the information provided on all the wines. The site is very user-friendly and the wines are very affordable.
Bob O
Each time I see a wine I like at an affordable price, I purchase and have never had a problem. WTSO is very reliable.
Brian M
WTSO - great wines, great prices and great customer service!
Gary S
GREAT wines at GREAT prices, and FAST delivery. Excellent write-ups on the wines being sold.
Warren C
Enjoy the ability to buy great wines at highly discounted prices and have them delivered free right to my door.
Douglas B
Best place to get wines great on line selection great prices do not shop in stores any longer would recommend this site to anyone who drinks wine!!
Brad Nickle
LOL....You can't ship to texas any more....but I can't get you from sending me emails. You can contact me when you ship to Texas again, but until then please stop the emails. It's like torture!!!
Dan W
Awesome customer service! Great prices. Easy to use. Rapid shipping. Great value, service and products. You can't ask for anything more.
Michael S
I have been buying wines from WTSO for years and I have no complaints. Matter of fact I am so happy I look forward to buying more. Thank you WTSO!!!
Steve S
Excellent value for some very good quality bottles. Virtually the only place I purchase wines anymore. The specials with free shipping on any number of bottles are particularly appreciated. As for recommending, I have done it numerous times. I teach university-level wine classes and always begin myk first class telling the students that they can change their lives with WTSO.
Nick T
I have been thoroughly frustrated by this companies lack of effort.i purchased a great red wine from them less than two years ago and after begging them to go out and get more of this, nothing!
Jeff C
It's nice to have an opportunity to buy some good wines at good prices without having to go out in the cold in the winter.
Ed G
Easy to order and well packaged. Credit applied promptly for the occasional corked bottle. What’s not to like. Ed
Robert F
Great service, nice selection of wines and varieties from all over the world.
Thomas M
keep up the good work, hard to find wines of good quality.Thank you...........
Avril B
Great wines! Great prices! Great delivery!
Tony V
I've rarely been disappointed with my selections. The bottles always arrive beautifully packaged & I've never had any broken. Prices are good & the delivery times are totally reliable.
Lucas T
WTSO rarely disappoints, they offer a ton of different wines at great prices. Rarely do I receive a bottle that I don’t care for. Customer services is always top notch! Cheer!
Paul L
Great service. Quality and price beat the pants off my local stores.
Dan M
Only one or two issues with hundreds of bottles I have purchased form you, so I would rate you 5. Even when there was a issue you worked it out to make it right for all. The best champagne I ever had I bought from you all and have bought it several times. I would say I was only disappointed 2-3 times with the wine purchased over the years.
Frank O
Excellent web site, excellent customer service, convenient and flexible delivery. They do what they say they do! Have tried and enjoyed some wines we would not have otherwise tried. If you don't have access to a competitive high volume mega-wine store this is an excellent option.
Chuck F
Most of all, this site is so fun! I just love seeing what's next...
Daniel D.
Easy to order. Great offerings. Nice quality wines. Quick turnaround time from ordering to shipment arrival.
Julie K
Very pleased recommend frequently
Craig Y
Great service in a areas! Recommend it often...none better if you know a little about what your looking for in a wine.
Katherine B
I have been ordering for about 6 years and get almost ALL my wine from them. the service is great and if ever a bottle is bad, they replace the order. it's also nice to try four bottles at a time and there is no ongoing commitment. I highly recommend them.
Glen T
I have used other "Discount sites" and often have found that the wines are being discounted because they were mishandled..... Every WTSO wine I have bought over nearly 10 years has been in good shape and a good buy
John C
always the right order. great wine selection. great staff!!!
David W
great wines at great prices
I use WTSO for 90% of my collection of 180 bottles While not all are winners, I reorder the gems I have discovered through their offerings I always talk about it and recommend it to other wine drinkers I will continue buying from them
Michael R
It's easy and reliable ... what a great way to buy interesting new wines at great prices.
Silverelk F
Very excellent service and product.
Tom A
WTSO stood by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.
John G
I use a number of the different online sites for ordering wine but WTSO is by far my favorite. I recently received some paperwork about a lawsuit and price fixing but to be honest I generally check average prices for all wines and have never found the prices to be out of line with my expectations. Would love to see more Clarendon Hills wines when I have
Barth S
Extremely convenient and terrific wine selections!
Johnny C
Excellent care to deliver my purchases during weather extremes. Always quick to handle any packing or delivered issues.
Doug N
Great Company to buy from, good deals, they stand behind what they sell. I have been a long time customer and plan to continue to be a long time customer.
Cynthia C
I love the service! I've tried many new wines I might never have tried and I have found some real gems. I get deliveries at work so someone is always there to sign and I don't have to stop at the store. The customer service is always fantastic! I highly recommend WTSO!
Carolyn N
Great variety of wines and so easy to arrange delivery at our convenience. Have been with WTSO fot years. No other similar online service works as well for us.
Stroud W
the choices are wide and well defined the service has always been perfect only exceeded by the quality of the wine
Gene D
I would love to be able to buy wines that I enjoy from WTSO that I previously purchased. A lot of wines are repeated
Luis P
WTSO is a great tool to by good wines at good prices, it works impeccably and based on my experience I never had a problem with any of my orders.
Jim N
Always great service and good wines at reasonable prices
Donald B
Great wine. Great prices. Great service. What else could you want. I cancelled all other wine sites. WTSO is all you need
Douglas H.
Have recommended WTSO to many people. All have thanked me later !
Daniel B
Great wine, great price
Dk D
Good value, Great customer service! I've been buying for years and will continue to do so!
Edward R
WTSO is one of the more reliable and enjoyable services I've experienced. It gives me a chance to taste interesting wines with a wide variety of choices.
Frank F
I have recommended wtso to my wine drinking friends for many years and have never had a complaint. And I have some real prickly friends!
Ian J
I appreciate the service and offerings of WTSO. My only recommendation is to allow the user to set preferences, in addition to buying patterns, to push more relevant offerings. Also, I would like to see some specials, at lower prices, based on subscriber volume. "For being a loyal customer, we are offering one of your favorites for an even lower discounted price of ..."
Charles M.
I have been buying from WTSO for 4 or 5 years on a regular basis and have always had a great experience. The wines are great and it seems as though the staff there knows my palate and recommends wine based on that. All together a really great company. Thank you, Charles Melin.
Marsha N
I definitely would and do recommend WTSO to friends.
Ron D
WTSO is great if you know what you are buying. Be careful about reviews from anyone but Spectator, the Wine Advocate or WTSO members. Others can be misleading. Order process is very easy, and they do stand by the products.
Gene B
Great values and on time delivery every time!
John K
Some very good wines at reasonable prices. Customer service has been extremely helpful and accommodating whenever I needed it. I would, and have, recommended this site to friends.
George D
Excellent wine for price
Jim M
While I don't always buy the "retail" or "comparable" pricing, I have found the wines to almost always be great bargains. More importantly, they always arrive in great shape and the packaging is excellent. I have introduced several friends to WTSO and they also continue to use the service.
Mary M
Great wines, wonderful customer service.
Mary M
Great wines, wonderful customer service.
Karen G
All around great source for fabulous wines at terrific pricing.
Joyce R
Like receiving good wines at a reasonable price. So far most all of wines I have received are very good.
Antonio J
I have been purchasing wine from WTSO for years and continually refer friends to the site for quick and easy shopping for quality wine shipped to your door.
Bonnie S
Never have had a bad bottle of wine!
Martin L
They deliver as promised. Descriptions are fair. Prices are not always the lowest, but they have, in my experience, always been within the reasonable range--and when you consider the service you get, in practical terms, they are a bargain.
Kathy M
The wines are superb and the customer service is top notch.
Jackie L
I have really enjoyed getting to try some wines I otherwise wouldn't. And it's great to have them delivered to my door.
Peter M
It’s great to receive so many affordable, good wine offers. Purchasing is easy, and WTSO never disappoints.
Hugo D
Great selections at correct prices with a Customer Service second to none.
Pamela G
Great selection! Good prices! Easy to use website!
Cecilia V
Always reliable with excellent offerings.
Rick C
Wine buying the easy way. Good prices, great wines.
Scott L.
They make it easy. We've scored some GREAT wines, and have purchased quite a few simply good ones. No stinkers so far. The only time I had a corked bottle WTSO credited me right away. They've created a good thing, and I enjoy checking out the offerings! Prices aren't always a screaming deal, but they definitely seem fair.
Glen E
I enjoy shopping on WTSO. I like reading the reviews on the many different wines.
Dave M
I have purchased dozens of different wines over several years. I am a selective buyer tending toward higher price wines.
Jim S
I have recommended WTSO to many of my wine buddies that enjoy good wine. The ability to try a good wine and not pay shipping on minimal quantities works great for me.
Dave M
I have purchased dozens of different wines over several years. I am a selective buyer tending toward higher price wines.
Tom B
Broad selection, quick shipping, great pricing. My #1 source for wine purchasing along with my son and brother.
Geeorge P
I don't buy wine anywhere else and I mention you regularly to friends.
Robert D
Philip R
Great wines and service. Very happy overall with WTSO.
Dave S
Have purchased some great wines at good prices. My only regret is when I buy a wine that I turn out really liking, that I can't order more.
Catherine N
Interesting selections and good prices , also fast deliveries make purchasing a no-brainer.
Michael S
Absolutely the finest hard to find wines at bargain prices.Some of the wines from small vineries have been incredible.
Jennifer H
Great Service! Great wines!
Patricia D
What a great way to experience some great unknown wines at a discounted price. WTSO stands behind everything they sell.
Phillip B
Great service and excellent wines when you get a custom to ordering. Great special events as well.
Phillip B
Great service and excellent wines when you get a custom to ordering. Great special events as well.
Eddy S
Mike G
Love the wines. Love the excellent customer service. What's not to like about WTSO ? Mike G
Steve K
I’ve been buying from WTSO for many years. I have never received any corked bottles. Every bottle I’ve ever ordered has been exactly as advertised.
Karl J
Very easy to use and order. Many great selections to choose from at very reasonable prices. very satisfied so far.
Phillip B
Great service and excellent wines when you get a custom to ordering. Great special events as well.
Bill C
Our primary source of wine for the house. On time and mistake free.
Fran D
Great wines at great prices!
Linda F
always good prices, and love that delivery is included with 4 bottles
Doug G
Bob K
The best program out there
Bill S
Lynn L
Excellent selections at more than reasonable prices!
Mert B
Addictive !
Gar W
The Best!!
John C
Always happy with the wine offered, the wine I buy and the service delivered.
David Wineberg
I live in a state where only the state can sell wine, so we're limited to their pathetic merchandising. WTSO is a godsend for us. The prices are not better, but the variety and the home delivery keeps us trying new wines. And it's fun to watch them pop up during the day. How bad is that?
Tracie K
It is a great way to try new wines you can't find at your local market or wine mart at an affordable price. AND, delivered right to your door!
Brian R
Love the convenience and prices
Paul W
I have referred many people to WTSO. Every order I've placed has been delivered promptly and has arrived without incidence. I think it would be a nice perk to reward those customers who refer new customers to you. A certificate or points for a bottle of moderately priced wine. What sayeth you? Just Sayin.. Paul W
Andrea B
I have only had one negative experience, with your customer service. Months later when I called about something else, I mentioned it and I was told that person was let go You really do have wonderful customer service, and a very generous return policy I say, that you should be teaching customer service to other companies
Michael R
Very easy to experience a variety of wines with generally good prices. Your premium offerings are too plain and your weekly four packs are underwhelming. Comparable pricing is not all that it purports to be as a Google check can reveal real pricing. Don’t feel my long term and frequent customer status earns me any real benefit.
Patty G
I have been a WTSO customer since 2009 and rarely buy wine anywhere else. Their customer service is great, they offer awesome wines and ship for free! It’s the BEST way to buy wine in my opinion. I have turned dozens of friends & family on to WTSO and they all love it!
Steve S
Super easy to use. Great way to try many new wines at a discount deliverd to your door.
Brian G
Prompt delivery once order is placed. Nice offering of wines at various price points.
Aaron B
Hidden gems appear for great prices, Love the varietals, regions and options. Easy shipping and quick delivery.
Love WTSO!
Paul H
I can no longer ship wines to Texas from WTSO, so I haven't bought any for some time. I miss WTSO, and I wish Texas would not try to protect its below-average wine industry by enacting laws that go against free trade.
Donna O
I have nothing negative to say, all my purchases have arrived when expected. Once I ordered in error (I failed to read the description) and when I realized what I had done, they gave me the option of returning the order, I ended up keeping the wine (a delicious error) but was grateful for the option. I have recommended WTSO to many friends who are also satisfied customers.
David D.
I would love to buy your wines, as I buy from another site on a regular basis. But I have found that your prices do not represent the discounts that you indicate. When looking up the wines online that you are selling, I can find them elsewhere at better prices. I will continue to check out your wines, but until I see "real" discounts, I won't be a buyer.
Carol R
Great wine at great prices!
Alan C
Great selection . . . Very good sales . . . Excellent descriptions . . . Very easy to order . . . Excellent Customer Service!
Deborah D
I've enjoyed using WTSO for several years. It's let me try different types of wines and educated me about those wines, and being able to order a few bottles with no shipping costs is definitely a plus. To me, ordering wine from WTSO is an adventure and always a pleasure.
Terasa L
Love the variety & price range! Have tried numerous wines & loved them. So happy my neighbor recommended this site!!!
Emory K
Convenient and usually good selection of well priced wines from major regions. Addition of ability to be alerted to past favorites new availability is a good feature
Bill T
I've been ordering from WTSO for about 6 years; the deals are great, the free shipping for 4 or more is great, and the orders are always filled and sent very quickly. Never had one problem!
Bob W
Great value on wines that we like. built part of my first cellar from a lot of WTSO selections. Please dont stop delivering to Kentucky. Have recommended a number of people to your company.
Douglas H
The Plus - try new wines I have never had, often with with some age, at a reasonable price delivered to me very quickly with the easiest order process I have seen. The Negative - when I get it and try it and love it, it is not available (although some have come around again). I have bought many wines from them, and I think I only had one that I was disappointed in the price/value relationship. Many have been really good.
Robert B
WTSO always has a few good surprises along the way! I enjoy watching (and buying) for my usual and the unusual!
Bob S
Enjoy the variety of wines from all over the world at an affordable price.
Jerry W
It is always a hassle free, easy buying experience. they have great prices on Italian wine. I am very happy with WTSO and always recommend the website.
David N
I've been a frequent customer of WTSO for several years now and have discovered many incredible wines from smaller less known vineyards at very reasonable prices. I particularly find it helpful when an offering includes a review and rating from one of the experts such as Jonathon Newman as well as the WTSO members rating. I also have to add that WTSO has NEVER made a mistake on any of my many orders and the product has always arrived in good condition.
Brian F
fantastic values , spot on descriptions , wines for every taste and budget
David W
I have never had one problem with WTSO and have been a customer for seven years. I like the information I get that allows me to make an informative decision to buy the various wines. I don't quite no how they do it, but I have had 100s of bottles of wine delivered and have never found any errors in delivery or price. Very satisfied customer.
Robert P
Too many high scoring wines by James Suckling turned out to be mediocre. Mr. Suckling is a poor wine critic, who essentially has never met a bottle he didn't like.
Guillermo M.
I've been as WTSO customer for several years now. The quality of the products and the service they provide are outstanding. I've tried other online wine retailers in the past, and so far, WTSO is the best by far!
Jill L
Good wine at a fair price delivered to my door - what's not to love? We've been introduced to some fantastic wines that we would not have found in our local store. The reviews are really helpful - if WTSO members love it, we can be comfortable that we'll love it too.
Claude L
You guys are great! There was an error once in a shipment. You addressed it promptly and corrected it as soon as you could.
WTSO is a great way to get quality rated wines at reasonable prices shipped to my door freight paid. I have enjoyed them over the past years and look forward to their offerings on my email.
John S
Prices are very competitive. Good selection of hard to find wines. Any question by phone or email has been resolved immediately. Wine is shipped quickly and accurately. I have bought way too much. Enough said.
Walter B
I have placed over 100 orders with WTSO since June of 2009. I have never had an order mishandled. I have never received a damaged shipment. I have rarely been disappointed in the quality of the wine, although I often know what I am buying. I am amazed at WTSO's ability to deliver wines at the prices charged. In a couple of instances I got wine from a certain winery well below what I was being charged for similar wines as a club member of that California winery. I have recommended WTSO to friends and they have been pleased with their experiences.
Sara B
Excellent wines at reasonable prices. Service is A+. A real find!
John C
It is a great way to experience new wines and have them delivered to your door. The process is so easy as you can purchase within minutes. Bonus is you can have them store the wine for you and deliver when ready.
Theodore W
I have not found the prices that competitive. I also question the "suggested list price"?
Martin K
TERRIFIC VALUE. Easy to order with fast free delivery. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, always available to help. I’ve been a customer since they started.
Laura O
Interesting wines, good prices and incredibly fast delivery... excellent staff.
Sara B
Excellent wines at reasonable prices. Service is A+. A real find!
Candy G
I love that I can buy great wine at a great price.
Fritz K
I love these guys....great selection, great pricing, and outstanding customer service. They are the best internet wine dealer from whom I have purchased wine. I wish I could give them six stars.....
John C M
Love the options to make informed purchases.
Michael R
Great prices, outstanding service and superb wines. We have ordered repeatedly probably two or three times a week for several years. Would I recommend to a friend I have done so frequently and would do it again.
Cherie D
Love the selections, shipping and service. I wish I could see when my favorites are coming up, but I guess that is part of the hunt.
Tom B
Enjoy the ease of ordering, the selection, and the prices. Customer service is great.
Richard O
For the past five years, I've purchased 80% of my wines through WTSO. I live in a rural community, so the selections offered, convenient ordering procedure and brief background information that is provided are very helpful. I like that I can maintain a list of my cellar online. I also find the cost and shipping are fairly priced.
Steve G
My experiences with WTSO, which have now spanned about 9 years, have been excellent without exception. The wines have always provided great value, and anytime there has been any sort of question, the folks at WTSO have been responsive and very friendly.
Tom C
I have been using WTSO regularly since their inception, did not realize it has been 10 years. I have recommended them to many other wine drinkers that have become long time users also. I have never returned a purchase. I have become acquainted with many new wines and regions and expanded my enjoyment of wine. I really like the service. Too easy to shop for wine.
Janet S
I have gotten some really good wines at a fraction of the normal cost. I love the free shipping without having to buy a whole case! I recommend this site to my wine friends all the time!
Valerie C
Great wines and customer service. I have bought their wines frequently because the wines and deals are varied, mEeting the tastes of both my husband and myself. (He drinks whites, I drink red,).
Rod S
If you live in a wine wasteland like oklahoma, then WTSO is a godsend. The great news is that they will ship to Oklahoma, the bad news is that someone has to be there to sign for it. Unlike some other online outlets, I have never had an order messed up. They ship when they say and they will hold it for free through the hot summers and our two weeks of winter. One of the things I enjoy most is having a selection to choose from that will be unique when I take the wine to a party. I have never tried to invoke any guarantee or quality issues. I recommend them and like their business model.
Roger S
I find the ratings by members is more accurate than Newman or less known raters. If there is no rating, I don't buy the wine - period. I trust the Wine Advocate, Wine spectator and to a lesser degree James Suckling. I love the concept of WTSO and have bought many cases over the years.
Glenn D
Always great service, great wines, and great prices. I recommend you to everyone who wants the best wine experience.
Jerry F
Love the ease of doing business
James L
We love WTSO. Great product. Great service.
Huey H
Love the variety of wines available, site is convenient and very user friendly!
Joshua S
Good pricing, but really hard to compare to other places because you offer wines that are not found everywhere.
Diane D
Great wine selections with affordable pricing.
John W
Good selection, quick fulfillment, good values!
David H
Wonderful program. I buy interesting wines and have never been disappointed.
John A
I recommend your site to people often.
Marc F
Fast delivery and great prices. I like being introduced to wines I mght not otherwise try.And a return policy I've only had to use once in over 10 years.
Lou T
Great wines, great selection great information great customer service
Robert B
Perfect in every aspect!
William S
Great service. Excellent wines at good prices. I buy regularly from them. Would hate to do without them.
Bob L
I love the deals on wine you offer. I have used your site for about a year now. Very satisfied. If there is one thing I would like to see is a bit less email. Two or three a day would be perfect. Keep up the good work.
Chatland W
WTSO does an excellent job day in and day out. They find some very interesting wines.
Nancy S
The ease of ordering and shipping make it my go to wine shopping for the most part.
Andy K
Most of the wines have been solid -- a few clunkers, but that is to be expected. What I don't like is when I see some of the same wines being promoted over and over and over ... in those cases you are simply acting as a distributor of regular stock, rather than as a low cost seller of odd lots and closeouts. You really muddy the water when you do that. Stay true to your core business model, and you will develop much stronger loyalty among your subscribers. People don't want to feel like they're being duped.
Bill R.
Several years ago a friend and real wine buff suggested that I take a look at what WTSO offers and operates since he knew that myself and my wife enjoy a good glass of wine especially at attractive prices. I did and have been a very satisfied customer ever since. Delivery speed had been amazing. Never had any problem with any purchase or delivery. The few times I have called with a question the live voices have been excellent. I have recommended WTSO to others. Keep doing what you are doing WTSO.
Andrew C
Excellent resource for us, I think we've purchased 128 bottles of wine by now. The courier is our best friend! The wines are good, but solid research needs to be done so you pick winners. So, be aware and knowledgeable and you will find some great wines, great prices on WTSO.
Mark R
It's so easy to use.Great wines.GREAT prices and always on point.Thankful for my friend recommending WTSO to me.Im a believer.Thanks again.I love it
Jerry B
Reviews not always reliable very good service easy to do
Lee O
WTSO delivers consistently good wine, although the ratings and prices are a bit inflated. Better value can be found at Aldi's, but it takes more work. So, why am I a regular purchaser from WTSO? I am not a wine "expert". I cannot taste aromas of earth, quaint berries and all the other "flavors" the experts claim. WTSO is super convenient. I am not a wine snob, I like red wine with fish, like my white wine warm as I feel it is more flavorful and a whole lot of things which are meaningful to me. WTSO takes a lot of the guesswork out of the purchase. For a slight premium, you can get a very good bottle of wine which will satisfy the taxes of the average wine lover. Wine comes directly to your door, no hassle, no fuss, do going outside and trying to make sense of all the confusing labels. Lastly, I feel that the class action lawsuit against WTSO is essentially unfair. Any idiot could easily determine that the pricing of wines used to claim that you are getting a bargain were largely "advertising" and had little bearing on the value of the wine. One of the wine reviewers was an insider (also easily determined) and at first I discounted his reviews, but later concluded that his tasted most accurately agreed with mine. But the best indication of the worth of the win=e is the reviews by WTSO members. There ought to be some way that WTSO could successfully challenge this money grubbing suit. If I get some money out of this suit, I will take it becuase WTSO will have no choice but to pass the costs of this suit on too its customers like me, because customers are always the ones who ultimately pay.
Joanna K
I love being able to try new wines that I otherwise might not have tried!
Jeff Baumann
Very good wines at very affordable prices with free delivery. WTSO is dependable and honors delivery dates. In sum, a great way to buy a variety of good wines.
Katharine P
Great way to buy good valued wine if you know what you like. I would like better access to my favorites when they come out. And I think they should have. Rewards program for their loyals!
Matt F
Excellent customer service and quick delivery of excellent wines at excellent prices! Also gives me the ability to try wines that local retailers don’t carry.
Betty Q
Nice wines (esp reds) at a pretty fair price.
Seaford A
David R
We've been WTSO customers since their early days. They've consistently offered great values at all price points - a lot of our cellared stock has come from WTSO, as does almost all of our "house" wine. We've had absolutely no complaints and only one minor mishap (in response to which customer service was been among the best we've ever encountered anywhere). In one box, 3 of the 4 screw caps were dented and one was loose and leaking slightly. But there was insufficient loss to soak through to the outside of the box and no physical damage to the box, so it looked fine on arrival. I called to ask about getting a replacement bottle for the leaker, and the entire order of 4 was credited back to me as a result. If you know wine at all well, you'll ignore the hype over "comparable prices" and simply enjoy the easy availability of really good wine at really good prices. We're delighted with them.
Shane B
Great service. Great wine. Great taste.
Bill W
Very unique, convenient, and offers a variety. Recently we have tried the wine tastings, perfect compliment. Thank you.
Judy F
Great prices for great wine.
Mike H
Good wine good prices
Bill H
Good wines at fair prices. Responsive service!
Bill D
I have requested 2 modifications to the web site 1) there are so many emails that I cannot keep up. I have suggested that I be able to set up a profile that I could limit the emails by being able to select a catagory like red or white. Then having some sub categories like dry or sweet, etc. there could be an number of options so I would only get emails I was interested in. 2) adding the "when to drink" on the wine description would save me a lot of time in evaluating the wine itself. Thanks for listening.
Jo C
New to WTSO - have ordered twice and all went exactly as scheduled.
John M
Getting great wine at discount prices is wonderful. Having it reliably delivered to the house is fabulous. My experience with WTSO has been perfect from the start. I’m very impressed with the quality of the offerings, including variety. One of my favorite sites.
Vince S
good wine for the best price
Matthew H
Love the offerings. Suggestions going forward - if you can design a way to push out only those types of wines I'd buy, it would be great. I buy only Red, for example. No white, no rose, no sparkling. I spend within a certain range. I particularly like CA and French. So if you send me other offers, it just clogs my in-box, and goes straight to trash. By allowing me to limit what you send to me, I will be an even HAPPIER BUYER of WTSO products!
Chuck N
The best on line wine buying experience available!
Jerry C
Great value and some wines available I would have never tried otherwise.
Mary Lou G
Wonderful selection of wine and champagne at great prices. I love the convenience of having top wines delivered to my door. Found we are trying many wines we may not have found on our own. I have gotten several friends to try WTSO.
Jeff K
Really like it that I am offered wines from one of my favorite regions that I likely would not be able to experience otherwise.
Paolo W
I have consistently been impressed with the operation of WTSO and I have told MANY friends and acquaintances about this company. THANK YOU & KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
Len M
WTSO does a great job of processing and shipping my orders. I like that you can schedule your shipment if it is too hot or too cold. I would like it if they had more California wines with an emphasis on Napa and Sonoma. I would prefer less European and South American selections.
Gary F
There are a few wines that I order as soon as I see them show up. Decent prices, good selections and delivery service.
Sandra H
I like it very much, I just wished there were as many white wines offered as reds. That's my only complaint.
Evan S
The area to improve would be in getting new wines and taking rec’s from customers. There are wines I like that you never sell. Otherwise it’s 5 stars
Bill S
The wines are not always great values or to my taste, but there are some incredible bargains in the mix. Overall this is a fabulous site.
Kevin M
WTSO is great resource to purchase good wine at a good price and have it delivered directly to my home! The WTSO site is also very user friendly - easy to use and navigate!
Javier L.
Nice selections and great prices. I’m always excited to see the next batch. Thanks!
Martin L
I love the availability of wines that I have always enjoyed, but now at prices that are much more reasonable with WTSO. I recommend WTSO to all my family, friends, and acquaintances all the time. When I serve my wines, guests are amazed at how good they are and I tell them where i got them, tell them about the reduced costs and free shipping, especially attractive to them
Jeanette R.
A great way to try new wines than what is available locally. Prompt service, too!
Henry T
Done over 20 deals. Never had a problem. Staff friendly when I've called.
Matt S
Always great wine at fantastic prices. Thanks WTSO!
Raymond B
I always found your "standard" or "retail" prices were listed high but never was an issue with me. The service makes it easy to order, have it shipped, makes shopping a breeze
Daniel A.
I've always found their prices to be very reasonable and the quality of the offerings above average. Of the dozens of orders that I've made, I've had only two disappointments, and WTSO rectified them immediately. With the exception of winter storms on the East coast, I usually receive my order in four or five days.
Stephen S
We have been customers for 10 years. Very happy with the selection and service.
Ken Rakow
The wines I have ordered have always been excellent. I have trusted the reviews given them, and they have not let me down.
Daryl J
Two orders, both exceeded expectations
Bob A
WTSO has a great selection at a great price.
Cedric V
I have been a customer for about 10 years and discovered fantastic wines thanks to WTSO. The prices, the access to some really interesting wines and free shipping are great. The best is certainly their customer service. Over the years, I had 2 corked bottles corked and WTSO always refunded me, no questions asked. One of the companies I love and that I hope to keep using for the many years to come!
Chester D
I have had nothing but GOOD experiences with WTSO. I happen to like California Cabernet Sauvignon, and trying them on WTSO has turned me on to some excellent labels I might not have tried elsewhere (Stormy Weather, Tom Eddy and Artesa come to mind immediately). I pay little attention to what I actually saved, but I do understand from my own experience that I am getting a real good deal on some excellent wines, I have been a member a very long time, and am completely satisfied and usually buy about a dozen bottles a month, and will continue to do so.
Laurence F
Great customer service!
Frank B
Great values, wonderful choices, ease of delivery-well done all around.
Rich A
Edward N.
WTSO is great.
Very helpful, available and always an excellent value even if a bit exaggerated . Never disappointed either online or directly.
Ed S
Great choice of wines!! Great value including shipping.
Lee K.
While the occasional delivery difficulty pops up very infrequently we have never had a bad bottle. Suppliers like Serge Dore Selections have an unblemished record, with me at least , picking outstanding vintners at an excellent price point. GO WTSO !!!
Shawn M
Good Wines, Good Deals, Great Service.
Todd D
Since I am a big fan of S. France, Spainish, and especially Italian wines WTSO is one of my go to stores. I have also had great experiences with their customer service as well. Top notch service and great deals. I am a big fan.
C Donald M
Good prices good quality wish more California Chardonnay
Dan P
I enjoy the variety and the ability to buy quality wine at a good price.
Robert S
Terrific selection of hard to find wines at great prices!! Wonderful service
Bob S
Quality and reasonable value is a certainty!!!
Mike B
I have been a long time customer of WTSO. We love the selection and the prices are very reasonable. The free shipping cannot be beat. But the best thing about WTSO, is their unmatched customer service. We have placed well over 100 orders and have had very few issues. When we did have an issue, the customer service staff was attentive and took care of the issue to our satisfaction immediately. It's a great way to purchase wine!! Thank you!
Steve C
Ease of ordering and good selection.
Dean D
Would like to see more Syrah, Syrah blends of high end producers
David )
I love WTSO. Never had a bad bottle, and when I found one I loved and let them know, when they found more they called me and offered it to me as much as 18 months later. Awesome service and even better wine.
Paul K
Superb way to purchase quality wines.
Steve K
Great wines, affordable pricing, and quick reliable delivery
Donald P
I almost hesitate to leave a well earned excellent review.... I don't want more competition for buying their wines! The prices are very competitive, and the overall service is second to none. I highly recommend WTSO.
Kathi R
Great service and prices.
Jerry D
I love buying good wine at great prices! They ship quickly and buying on the web site is fast and easy. Overall, its hard to beat.
Christine R
Great wines that I don't find in my city and reasonable prices. Excellent Customer Service! Any issue I have had has been handled very well and WTSO always goes well beyond expectations to make certain I am satisfied.
Rick M
Would love veg to see more California an Washington wines.
Andrew F
I love the opportunity to buy good wines at more than fair prices. The system is easy to use and is a part of my daily routine. I often recommend the service to "wine" friends. Thank you.
Mauro S
I was able to get a fine Bolgheri wine for a great price and delivered to my door. I would like to be able to research the wines on-line, wish I could navigate through your wines so that I can order what I want, instead of waiting for a special.
Jim M
Good service, some variety of choices.
Geoff T
Might be just me but it appears that WTSO has not had as many of the higher end wines and have not been competitive when they were featured
Stanley W
We really enjoy WTSO. They are very customer focused and if there are any issues, they fix them quickly. We buy quite a bit and the main thing participants need to know if they don't is to have their wine sent to Fed Ex so they can pick it up at their convenience versus waiting on a delivery.
Mark R
One of the best-ever web sales site discoveries. While the house wines have been a little hit and miss, the prices on world-class labels and vintages, delivery reliability, and specials (Magnum Marathon, Cheapskate Marathon, etc.) make WTSO a go-to for us--avid wine drinkers and collectors.
Neil P
Great values, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Highly recommended!
Bill O
An excellent company to with whom to do business. Very helpful with any issues.
Esti E
I love WTSO. They have great wines at great prices. Great a service too. Wines arrived very quickly.
Valerie C
Never been the choices...:)
Alan F
The only thing I don't like is having to be home to receive a delivery, can't sign and have them leave it the next day.
Craig M
Great deals on great wine and you don’t have to go pick it up. What’s not to like about this service.
Barbara W
The purchasing process is very easy and shipping is very fast!!
John B
There is usually plenty of information to alloy you to figure out if you will like the wine. I have found it to be a very good value.
Bill C
For Pennsylvanians, WTSO is a greater alternative. Most PA state stores have a limited mass produced selection. WTSO finds good wines and sells them at a discount. It's a little like having a personal sommelier. They only sell good wine!
Cal H
Very happy with the service and quality of wines.
K.J. P.
WTSO gives the average person chance to try many different wines at a fair price. We have the opportunity to learn about what we like, what we don't like, and we can give great gifts to our friends when we are trying to stick to our budget!
Martha M
Great assortment of worldwide wines in affordable prices.
Noemie A
WTSO changed the way I think about wine. It is totally worthwhile !!!
Sharon W
I have gotten quite a few of my friends hooked on WTSO. We all like the ease of the website, good prices and prompt shipping.
Pat H
Love WTSO... able to buy good wines at great prices ... and it's at my front door in just a couple days...
Nate S
Ease of purchase and shipment is great! Quality of wines and advertised savings are misleading. James Suckling and Newman give high ratings to easily.
Mark S
Good to very good wines at great prices. Best part is the free shipping and the GREAT Customer Service. They 100% stand behind their wines!
Gary P
I have bought wine from WTSO for several years and will undoubtedly continue to buy from them for the foreseeable future. Their service is superlative. Wine prices fluctuate and value can be relative, but my experience with WTSO is that I get great value for the price paid. On those occasions that I have contacted WTSO directly, I have never been disappointed. They are knowledgeable, work hard to please and are invariable courteous. This is a great organization with a great business model.
Sal C
Great selections, speedy delivery, good customer service and great prices, it doesn't much get better then that.
Fred E
Great variety and quality of wines at great prices. Very easy user interface to order. I've been recommending to all of my oenophile friends.
Dave P
Great Rhône wine offers. My go to website for good quality and good price. I’ve recommended WTSO to countless friends and relatives. Keep up the great work!
Joe G
Haven’t been disappointed! Value is good! I will keep on buying from WTSO!
Larry W
Very good selection with exceptional prices Highly recommend for those who wish to restock depleted cellars or try better wines than normally affordable
Phil L
Good selection, good price, quick delivery. Also the staff when reached by phone is very helpful
Ken G
Never had a problem with WTSO and have recommended to many friends who now use WTSO. Good wines and good prices. Excellent shipping. One problem in five years mostly weather.
Cliff A
I've been a regular customer of WTSO since February 2010 with 142 purchase under my belt. I have been completely satisfied with WTSO in all aspects. Great prices, selection, customer service and reliable shipping. WTSO is one of my mail sources for wine on-line. I have recommended WTSO to many friends and family. Keep up the good work.
Joel W
Great deals!
Bill R.
The selection of wines is better than local retail outlets, especially for Spanish and Italian wines. They offer a wide range of price points and usually the wines are reviewed. The convenience is hard to beat. I have had no problems with delivery. I have bought a bunch of WTSO wine annually for the last 5 years. I found WTSO via word of mouth. I have turned a number of people on to the site, as well. I think the prices are reasonable. I have never been able to recreate the prices WTSO claims from the 'prior day' market. However, I frequently price check using Wine Searcher. I have found their prices to be very close to if not at the bottom of the price range from other on-line sellers..
Matthew L
A variety of interesting varietals to use inspire an event because nothing epic ever began with a chef salad but a crisp Albariño, Tapas and a few well chosen friends; just might ...
Anton F
Love WTSO. Some great deals and fun options. Have to be careful not to get carried away. Love the fedex free delivery.
Kent S
Good Italian and Bordeaux wines. Love the free shipping on 4 or more bottles. Let’s us experiment with new types.
Kimberly M
Love this accommodation. Easy to use and dependable. Best selections available anywhere with more than fair pricing.
Daniel J
Fantastic prices on a wide variety of wines. Red, Whites, and sparkling too. Some hard to find wines and others that are not so hard to find but still well priced. What's better than the variety is the customer service. They make the process easy and resolve any issues quickly and properly. Cannot say enough good things about them.
Steve L
I love this site and recommend it to my friends as much as possible.
Dan S
I’m told WTSO will take back any bottle no questions asked. I’ve never had a bottle I didn’t love. I buy all my wine with WTSO.
Len S
I've been using WTSO for a few years now and its been a very good experience. The wines are good, the prices are better than in stores and the selections are suinally what I'm looking for. I had 1 corked bottle and they made good immediately without question. I needed a special wedding gift and WTSO put together a great selection and shipped it right to the newly weds for me. I recommend WTSO every chance I get.
Dean M
Great, affordable hard to find wines. Truely a great place to buy wines.
Lisa S
I cannot say enough great things about WTSO! Great selection, even better prices, and they ship to my house!!!! (Unheard of in PA!)
Ed M
Vast selection, excellent pricing, timely deliveries and a great customer service staff.
Hazel L
Good selections, great prices, great service. When we've had to communicate, customer service has been excellent.
John B
I imagine I am buying wine from WTSO at least a few times per month and although not all selections are perfect for me; the customer service response time and policies are amongst the best in the wine industry. Thank you!
Laura B
I'm able to try new varietals that aren't available locally, and all at a reasonable price.
Jim R
Overall I highly recommend. Not every deal is as good as advertised. Do your homework and great wine can be purchased at great prices.
Cathy G
Love it though I probably buy more than I should. Guess I’ll have to throw a party!
Vanessa V
Great selection of vintage, type and price point. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend!
Darrell B
Very convenient. I like access to wines I might otherwise not find. I find the member reviews to be the best indication of quality.
John P
Great people Great service. Always on time and effortless
Greg O
Great wines at reasonable prices!
Bob W
Always great wines and a very good selection. If you haven't tried them you should. Very good value delivered right to your door.
John C
I found customer service representatives friendly and knowledgeable. However I’m having trouble with shipping, still having trouble. One of my orders was placed January 2nd and I’m still waiting for delivery. They did compensate me with a gift card which is very nice. But I’m getting thirsty. Lol
Jim B
I love the text apt and the holiday gift ordering section. The member ratings are spot on.
Carolyn C
WTSO is a great way to get great wines at reasonable prices. I ordered all my holiday wines from this site!!!!!!
Mary jane C
What I like is I can call and get wines that were offered but I missed. So far I am very pleased
Walt D
Pickup because they can't deliver while at work is not always convenient.
Robert Parlman
Easy App, fast delivery, excellent prices and free shipping! And stand behind their products
Bill R
I like WTSO's free shipping options for a reasonable minimum purchase. Other mail order wine businesses have raised the minimum purchase to ridiculous levels. I also like the satisfaction guarantee and, I say from experience, that they back it up!
Bill R
I like WTSO's free shipping options for a reasonable minimum purchase. Other mail order wine businesses have raised the minimum purchase to ridiculous levels. I also like the satisfaction guarantee and, I say from experience, that they back it up!
Mike K
Great wine values at very decent prices. Love that they publish wine ratings. WTSO almost makes it too easy.
Robert C
great bargains on very good wines
Dave B
Very easy to use and a great selection of wines. The mobile app is great for alerting the user about new wine offerings.
Richard B
Almost always very good values, and one or two times In more than half a dozen years that I've been disappointed there has been an immediate refund
Larry C
Exceptionally helpful and cooperative service. Consistent value and quality wine.
James S
Excellent selection of white wines from Europe at a very reasonable price.
Bruce A
great deals and great service.
Michael W
Excellent service, free delivery option and good prices. Enough said!
Richard A
Good wines at reasonable prices. You can upgrade your daily drink two or three steps by using WTSO. They do what they say and take care of you if there is any problem.
Howard G
The best for online wine...period.
John P
I truly like the verity of wine offered and the great prices. I am trying wines that I never would have before. I have told all of my friends that like wine about the site.
David S.
I was introduced to WTSO and their app by a friend of mine about a year ago. I now make a purchase on WTSO at least once a week and often more! I love the ease of the app and nearly every wine I've received has been really nice. Great wine and really good pricing! I almost never buy any wine at the store now. Why, when I can get better choices and better prices delivered to my door? Cheers!
WTSO has made it so easy for me to have a nice selection of white and reds wines at good prices from around the world. They make it easy for me to order and it comes to the door.
Al B
I love you guys and tell everyone that will listen about what you do. Several friends have started with you and they are pleased too. It is wonderful to have a variety of wine in the cellar so we can drink different wines frequently. Naturally I love your pricing and free shipping as well, but the variety is, to me, your great selling point. I have not bought wine from anyone else for years. Keep up the good work!' Thanks
Tomas M
Wonderful site to buy affordable wines of multiple grape varietals. Excellent and fast costumers service. Very nice effort to describe the wine origin, quality, producer and grapes expression
David Gagliano
We have been ordering from WTSO over 5 years while always receiving excellent service Along with many great wine deals. Found many verities and selections we normally wouldn’t Have otherwise been aware of. Descriptions of wineries along with harvest information helps Us to understand the offerings prior to placing an order. Well Done!
Tony T
Always satisfied with my WTSO purchases, having to be home to sign for wine delivery cuts down on my purchases.
Sidney S
I have never had a bad experience and have always considered the price a good price.
Peter J
Great values, especially if you really know Wine or research offerings with which you’re not familiar.
Lew L
I like the wide variety of reasonably priced wine. he descriptions of the wines are spot on. Shipments have always been prompt.
Fred R
I have used WTSO for several years now and am very pleased with the products and the service. In all that time I have had one wine that was less than what I expected. I rated the wine below my standard in my cellar and WTSO contacted me noticing that the wine was rated lower and making sure that I was satisfied. Very customer oriented
William S
I recommend WTSO to all my wine loving friends and family. My constant go-to for great labels and pricing.
William S
I recommend WTSO to all my wine loving friends and family. My constant go-to for great labels and pricing.
Sharla R
Customer service is always excellent!
Dennis S
WTSO offers good value and excellent service.
Marty S
what an outstanding service! I especially like that after I log in, all I have to do is to choose my selection, and I'm done. Everything else is retained on my profile. Cuts out a lot of duplicitous actions. Very convenient way to maintain an excellent wine cellar.
Michael S
We have been more than happy with the quality, variety and price of the wines we have purchased.
Paul G
Good wine, good price, home delivery. Hard to beat that deal.
Lex P
Can't buy everything, but it's nice to see what's available.
Andrea C
Great wines, great prices, and great customer service! Simply love it!
Patricia K
Wines are great. Prices are great. Service is excellent.
John H
The selections are from all over the world -so you can try wines from regions that you may not be familiar with. I like to buy at least 6 bottles so that I can taste the selection with different types of food. Home delivery is a bonus - I don't have to cart it around from store to the front door.
Rick L
Outstanding service, on time deliveries, wonderful variety to choose, and spot on descriptions of the wine to make an informed decision.
Virginia M
I love the wines. I love the convenience. I’ve never had a bad experience. Thank you for some of the best times, (and wines), WTSO!
Craig R.
Very (almost too!) easy to use. Have discovered some interesting wines I haven't heard of previously but would appreciate the inclusion of some more better known labels from time to time.
Ralph M
This is a great time to be a wine drinker. But it is impossible to know the thousands and thousands of wineries all over the world. I rely on WTSO to do that for me. Good prices, easy to use website, and great shipping intervals. They are not the only place to buy wine online but I judge them to be the best by far.
John M
I learned the value of WTSO when, after returning from a trip to Italy and waiting weeks for delivery of wine I purchased there, I was able to get the exact same wine from WTSO for half the price and have it delivered to my door in only a few days! Later, when a couple of bottles from WTSO arrived with corks not intact, apparently due to a freeze and thawing problem during delivery, my appreciation for WTSO was reinforced when they promptly and without any hassle refunded me the purchase price of those bottles.
Jody H
I always ask friends who are wine lovers if they know about WTSO - and I am always happy to share my little secret.
Tim M
Great selection, easy to use and orders are always correct and delivered promptly.
Richard A
These guys do a great job. In the rare case i have a problem with delivery, the customer service is top notch. Their wine is ALWAYS the lowest price in the country. i don't even bother to check anymore.
Marino Maronati
Lot's of wine screening with work and attention but at the end it is a great service.
Ramon Cueto
Competitive prices and a never ending offer of excellent wines.
Richard O
Have been a VERY satisfied customer for several years. So much better than a wine club that sends you wine unless you say no. I can order when and what I want. Very high quality and great pricing and FREE SHIPPING. Website is very easy to use. If I want what is offered it takes me 30 seconds to order it. Great prices, great service!
Mike H
WTSO customer service is unsurpassed. I have been a loyal customer since June of 2009 because of the quality and price of their wine and because of the convenience of having the wine delivered to my front door.
Michael D
I love the selection of wines that you offer. A lot of wines that I don’t see anywhere else.
Regina S
My sister and brother turned me on to WTSO. Since then, I have been introduced to some great wines that I would otherwise never have known about. I love the magnum and cheapskate sales and my Fedex guy knows me on a first name basis now. Cheers!
Eric M
There are some excellent values of wines in all price categories. The method for acquiring them is simple and service is excellent and per arrangements. I will remain a loyal customer as long as this continues!
Mark G
Great team that backs up their products if anything ever goes wrong.
David W
Great selection of wines at a good price! Have been very pleased with nearly every wine I've purchased. Superb customer service!
Chris M
Easy to use, watch for the real bargains.
George M
Very good Italian and Spanish wines. Have enjoyed all wines purchased, even lower priced ones.
Bob P
Wonderful way to buy your favorite wines at a great price delivered to your door!
Bonnie K
WTSO is convenient and delivery is usually quick. However, I find that the wine prices are not the bargain that they used to be. As a result, I am more conservative in my purchases now.
Doug M
What you see is what you get. If you know what you are buying, WTSO is very, very good. That said, have have only had one clunker when I tried something new.
Robert T
Very easy to do business with, can always but good wine priced very competitively, I especially love the Italian wines that they offer too. I have recommended WTSO to over 100 people. Thank you
John F
I just don’t buy wine in stores any more...that’s how good WTSO has been for me. I have received exemplary customer service for years—never had to pay for a flawed bottle and always received great values. Cheers! p.s. I teach wine at the CIA
Myra H
Easy to use and great device!
Jim N
WTSO has connected the availability of very good to excellent wines to the world of modern communication and distribution to provide anyone who enjoys wine the ability to acquire quality wines at very good prices . The selection process is easy to use and having to do nothing but sign for the wine when it is delivered makes the whole process seamless and almost effortless. When you add in the professional & responsive customer service, there is no other place to go to purchase wine.
Henry U
I have nothing but very positive things to say about WTSO. Always timely with new offers, if any problems their customer service department more than happy to help out. Knowledge folks there and my rating would be 5 *****s As far as I am concerned, they are the BEST of all the On-line wine stores
Mark H.
Nice selection of wines, including some repeats which makes it nice if you tried a wine and liked it. In the rare cases of delivery issues I’ve had, the customer service in correcting the situation has been outstanding.
Steve F
Mostly positive experience. In over 4 years only two corked bottles. Both were credited immediately. Faster than my local retailers. Good values come up in all price ranges. Find a friend who likes wine and split the purchase to take advantage of the free freight.
Suzanne M
We’ve been WTSO members for years and as I recatalogued our many wines purchased mostly from them over the years, we’ve had some incredible deals.....great deals and we appreciate them very much!
Mary Ellen S
I have always been satisfied with the quality and price of the wines we have ordered from this opportunity. I appreciate the fine wines that are offered. We will be a constant customer.
Jack R
I am not a wine drinker yet I am the sole buyer for many of my extended family across the US. The biggest obstacle in the entire process is notifying everyone when a delivery needs a signature. The selection is varied enough for all of our tastes and the prices are very good.
Sam Z
Great choices, immediate service, and very agreeable customer service. I totally like doing business with WTSO.
Peter S
great site, great wines
Daniel C
Great company. Great value.
Richard B
I can always trust the ratings
Thomas D
Lots of varietals from which to choose. Not all are for me, but plenty are. Good values, great service!
Rex S
Offer a wide variety of wines at affordable prices. Very good service!
Bob M
Not a damned thing for an old curmudgeon like me to complain about. Shipping is prompt unless you put a hold on, and I've never gotten a "skunked" bottle. The members are a very astute lot, and you can take their ratings to the bank. I often try new wines that the members have not yet rated, and I am very pleased with them in almost every instance. The staff is knowledgeable and accommodating. And then there is the savings. Good juice tastes even better when it's at a discount.
Jody B
Best Prices, Informative and very easy to use there website.
Jackson S
I do my own research rather than rely on the ratings published with each WTSO offer. With that caveat, I am completely satisified with my experience with WTSO. WTSO also will gladly delay shipment upon request during our hot months here in the Lowcountry.
Tom T
Ever since I first started using WTSO, I have only had good experiences with them. Shipping is always done in a professional manner and the couple times I’ve had questions or needed something, they have handled the issue immediately. I highly recommend WTSO!
Anthony S.
Quality wine at a decent price and, reviews are always right on the money...for my money anyway,
Donald C
Highly Recommended; I've purchased 100's and 100's of bottles and can't say enough good things about the organization.
Joseph B
WTSO is a great service!
An educated consumer is their best customer, truly applies here. Need to be selective, but often has excellent wines that are great values. Some wines are small production and difficult to find QPR gems. Generally excellent prices. The free shipping and ability to schedule shipping for a future date is a huge plus.
Sandra T
I have been a member approximately 8 years. Have never received a bottle of wine that I did not like. Love that there is no membership fee and no amount of wine that must be purchased. It is very good to be able to choose which wines you want to purchase and when you want to do so. Also great not to pay for shipping.
Donald D
Highly Recommended; I've purchased 100's and 100's of bottles and can't say enough good things about the organization.
Marie A
Excellent selection and prices, awesome customer service.
W Thomas G
Easy to use. I would like to see you have more chards.
Jim F
Absolutely cool way to find and try new wines you wouldn't search out at local liquor store.
Sue F
Great selections with easy ordering process. They do not disappoint!
Provides us with an opportunity to taste really good wines at affordable prices.
Jay M
Great Products + Super fast delivery + Unbeatable prices = Full Wine Racks and a busy UPS man.
Mary Ann K
Love everything about WTSO.
Mike M
Great site with variety and price, but what sets you apart from other companies is only requiring 3-4 btls for free shipping.
Cary G
Excellent customer service and ease of ordering. Free shipping to home is also a great bonus. Nice variety of wines offered as well.
Neal E
The red wines that I enjoy are several dollars cheaper than the local stores. Purchasing is easy. I’ve never had a customer service issue. Packaging is excellent.
Bill S
Most of the prices for the white wines you promote are no less expensive than going to my wine store to purchase.
Jennifer S
Love WTSO great wines, great prices - I’ve been a customer for 5 yrs - Amazing customer service. We one corked bottle which was replaced immediately!
Brenda S
What a great way to buy the wines you want at the prices you want! And I don’t have to carry it home!
Joan L
Great prices, reliable shipping. The couple times there were shipping issues they were immediately resolved. My favorites are the Spanish and Italian selections.
Jennifer S
Love WTSO great wines, great prices - I’ve been a customer for 5 yrs - Amazing customer service. We one corked bottle which was replaced immediately!
Tim B.
...I've been with WTSO almost from the beginning and they continue their class operation every purchase. If there is ever a problem ..they solve it immediately. Their choices of wine are always exciting with great pricing. I look forward to many more years of classic wines being offered!
Jeff R
Great wines at unbelievable prices. No wonder they sell out so quickly.
Linda V
Love finding affordable French and Italian wines that are not available in my local wine stores!
Barb A
Works well, never a hitch. Have enjoyed every wine I have ordered.
Max G.
In this world of here-today-gone-tomorrow flash sale sites, it's hard to believe I've been with WTSO for ten years now. I recommend them to every wine lover I know -- great deals, free shipping, and the best customer service EVER.
Joel G
Great company, we have always enjoyed the wines we purchased from WTSO -- Never a bad bottle!
Russ P
Great prices on wonderful wine, what could make WTSO better, free shipping? And you already do that too! Thanks for helping me stock my cellar!
Gil J
Great site with generally good to great prices on hard to find wines. Very responsive customer service and efficient free shipping. Great overall value— and consistent quality! Recommend highly.
Lynne C
Great wines, great prices. Wish shipping was free no matter how many bought. Love my orders and often repeat-buy!
Mike B
Reliable, fulfills orders quickly and accurately, provides excellent choices at good prices, usually with free shipping and through an easy to use web page. Hard to beat or even match.
Tracy A.
I have truly enjoyed my experience with WTSO. I am not a wine "expert" so it's fun to try new wines at a reasonable price. I love the app and the delivery system - very reliable and convenient. Sometimes I wish I would have bought more than 4 when I stumble upon a really good wine that we like! Keep up the good work!!!
Ed R
I find buying at WTSO to be so easy. And, I'm getting much better pricing than I would in our outdated, antediluvian, state store system. It's so convenient to order. I order 8 bottles at a time and store it in my wine rack. I always have my favorite varietals on hand for any occasion. The only downside is that we have to be home to sign for receipt, since it's alcohol. Of course that's true of any wine shipment. I heartily recommend WTSO to friends. I have bought very little bottled wine from any other vendor in years.
Julie C
I've made three purchases, two of which have been excellent experiences in terms of price and wine quality. My third purchase, which was supposed to have been delivered this past weekend, was damaged and thus not received. Since the wine is no longer available, I was refunded the purchase price, which was very disappointing since the wine was a varietal that I haven't tried (but a blend of some of my favorites) and was most looking forward to.
Kerry K
I have been buying wine from for several years. Since my first shipment, I have never gotten a bad wine. Of course, some wines were better than others, but the quality of the wines offered is superb! The wine is shipped to my door, and the ordering process is simple and quick.
Richard B.
Interesting assortment of wines, many that are not found on shelves here in the backward red state of Ohio. Free shipping. Will hold wine for up to one year. Above average customer service. I've tried them all over the past 15 or so years and WTSO is one of only two on-line companies I still contract with. Keep up the fine work.
Brian V
Nice selection (could use more whites) Prices are good and the system is easy! Very convenient WTSO is a winner
Ken B
I’ve been buying your wines since you first started love your assortment and the quality of the wines but especially like when you have some of the higher in wines
Robert D
Great for finding new wines at reasonable prices and trying great wines at affordable prices. Also many wines I've tried and like come appear again for me to enjoy. I've hooked many friends on to WTSO and they feel the same way.
David S
Like the wines for the most part but would like more ratings per wine. Also have found many of the reviews to sound the same, from few reviewers. I tend to trust them less than when I started buying from WTSO. A couple of the wines I have bought have tasted like general table wine. Not what the reviewer said at all, I do save the reviews on every wine I have bought in the past.
William C
Have always had a good experience.
Phoebe T
WTSO offers wines I usually cannot find elsewhere for prices that I definitely cannot get elsewhere. Shipping is very quick.
Peter D
Fabulous choices of wines at great prices. I have had it with wine clubs that send plonk and chain stores that pretend to know their wines. WTSO takes the guesswork out if wine selection and offers them at exceptional prices.
Michael D.
I enjoy getting the daily emails or two and the opportunity to try wines I may never hear about or are not available in my area. I did have a few issues over the years but their customer service handled it beautifully.
David N
I have been an active customer for quite a few years and could not be happier! I have only once received an order that did not meet my expectations and WTSO refunded the full order price, NO questions asked. I will definitely continue to use WTSO to keep my cellar well stocked. Many of my friends are using it too.
Harold Dash
WTSO provides great service. I would love to see more offers of white wines from Germany, Austria and the Alsace region of France. The best rieslings actually age very well. Washington state produces top quality reds at a price point lower than California. It would be nice to see more wines from Washington.
Chris L
I enjoy the fact that the majority of the wines featured are not the same ones I see at my local wine store. Gives me the ability to buy wine I wouldn't be exposed to otherwise. The app makes it VERY easy to purchase on the fly too! Thanks!
Tom M
Overall, very happy with the selection and prices. I have tried many wines from around the world that I would not tried otherwise. Would like to see more whites offered, specifically Sauvignon Blancs.
Scott A
Excellent service and a very good selection of wines. I love the Cheapskate & Magnum specials!
Rick K
Easy and efficient. Have never had a disappointing bottle.
Bob R
More "deals" on higher end French wine eg decent Bordeaux would be excellent
Robert S
This site has been fantastic for ease of ordering and efficiency on deliverables and responding to questions. The wines exceed expectations many time s in taste, quality and priced paid.
Peter S
A friend of mine recommended this site, and I have been very pleased with the wines I have ordered, at least the first 12 orders. My only complaint is that once they are gone, there is no opportunity to reorder. However, WTSO wines from all over the world have definitely suited my taste.
Peter T
I am generally happy with the selection and prices. My major complaint is that I am too slow on the draw and have missed some wines I really would have liked.
Bob S
I am an intermittent user, but only once in my several years of participation have I needed assistance. That experience was excellent. I believe the wine values are excellent overall. What more could I ask except for a change in federal law that would allow delivery without a signature. Realistically speaking, there is no one living in our retirement community who is under 65, much less 21!
Gerry H
A great way to try new wines and periodically "greet old friends". Very convenient. I had a problem once placing an order (actually with my computer) that the staff diagnosed and walked me through correcting. Good wines, good people. Can't do better than that
Evan M
A quality selection of wines offered, with the best offerings often selling out in a matter of hours not days. Packing and shipping is first rate. Excellent value and service at a reasonable price.
Ryan G
Will use again
James O
I've used WTSO since my dentist told me about them. We've had good wines, a few really outstanding, and two stinkers. WTSO made a quick refund for those two, no hassel.
Ken R
Pricing is so-so but I can find wines that are not available to me otherwise. I use other sites to purchase, but your back-end system is superb. Absolutely no hassle delivery system. Great communication all around. Five HUGE stars you get. Ken Ratcliffe Cape Cod
Trudy H.
After ordering from WTSO for close to 10 years, I have nothing but good things to say about them. I know what we like, use the rating system and have been 100% happy the whole time. I love WTSO!
Lori R.
Excellent service, good wine selection, flawless delivery!
Susan M
WTSO does not disappoints, they offer different wines at good prices. Great service. Quality and price beat my local stores.
Great Wines at great prices and super fast shipment. What's not to love? My champagne cooler has never been happier! Yum. I have recommended WTSO to many friends & family.
Ken W
I am a picky Wine consumer preferring Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons and Italian Amarones. I take advantage of WTSO’s excellent offers in these areas and enjoy the prices and more importantly the wines! Communication is excellent too!
Leonel O
I have placed over 50 orders with WTSO. There has never been a bad wine. In fact most if not all have been excellent. More importantly the customer service is fantastic. Great job everyone ( Already 2 orders placed this week!)
Ed T
I live in a relatively rural area with no large wine retailers present. WTSO provides that retail source with a very convenient service. I buy mostly reds from WTSO and appreciate the wide variety of labels available. I do find the various ratings interesting when you show them and I actually put the most stock in the ratings from WTSO patrons. I have had only one issue with delivery of an order and WTSO recognized that I had a problem and remedied it right away. I had recommended your website to many other wine lovers.
Jancie M
Recommend often to others. Enjoy the small minimum order size for free shipping, the affordable wines, and ease of order.
Sarah O
I have been a customer for many years. This week was the first time I have had to complain about a shipment, and they handled it quickly and well. Love that they have so many Spanish and Italian wines, and prices are reasonable, especially since shipping is free! I recommend WTSO all the time.
Julie B
Always accommodating and great prices with free S&H.
Matt S
I cannot say enough good things about WTSO and their world class customer service. While most of the several merchants I work with regarding wines stand behind the product no one does better, or is faster in response than WTSO. I will always be a WTSO customer!
Dorothy S
Never disappoints and so easy!
Convenience and some great prices. Very pleased thus far.
David L
Good wines at good prices; great service as well; an excellent variety.
Ernest K
The most impressive thing about WTSO is their ability to offer excellent wines that are not available In the wine shops I frequent in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee and Chicago markets. I have purchased about 20 different wines from 3 countries. These wines have ranged in price from $15 to $40. Never have I received a wine I would rate less than an 89 and the best wines I rate at 92.
Richard D.
Good selection, excellent service and reliability. I like being able to buy just 4 bottles at a time since I don't have the option of discussing a wine with a salesperson. Would like to see some more of the better producers of Brunellos, Chiantis, Gruner Veltliner, etc.
Doug M
Great deals on a variety of wines
Sergio C
Great wines overall and some not found in my usual wine stores. I am glad my doc told me about WTSO!!
Lou M
I often find great deals at WTSO. Love that the prices shown include shipping.
Jane B.
Buying wine has never been easier--delivered right to my door! Very fast turn-around time from order to delivery. Great wines, great prices. I'll try a wine I don't know--I depend on the description given--and have never been disappointed. And the website is very easy to navigate. I've referred many friends to WTSO who've become fans. Thanks!!
Lynn F
It is a fabulous service. I basically buy all my wine from WTSO site. Staff is helpful and I have never had a problem.
Edward E
Pricing and ratings can be very misleading; web site is great and delivery excellent.
Steven L
I have been a WTSO member for the past 7 years. They always stand behind the product and are always accommodating if I (very infrequently) have been unhappy with a particular wine. I have interacted with many of their customer service representatives and they have all been great to work with but Dawn H. has gone above and beyond to provide great customer service. WTSO is a very customer oriented company.
Lea Anne M
We love WTSO and always tell our friends about it!
Larry S
Online system is easy to use. I like that it keeps track of purchases in "my cellar". Would like to see more U.S. white wines offered. Deliveries have always been as expected.
Katie G
Love the elaborate descriptions of flavor, ease of check out and delivery ! Have only experienced 1 problem and it was handled quickly and in a very positive and professional manner. I truly value this service-thank you!
Keith L
Efficient order, received exactly as expected and in a time,y fashion. My first order and it went very smoothly. I’ll be ordering more! Thanks for making it easy and meeting expectations.
Stewart T
Consistently good product, very quick shipping and delivery. Occasionally, when there is an issue, It gets resolved quickly most times. What happened to the Pouilly Fumes 😞??
Jack Lawler
I like being able to access different wines and have them shipped to me. So far so good
Ron G
Reliable and consistently a pleasure to deal with....good bargains!
Julianne T
The shipping needs improvement and should be faster, other than shipping, WTSO is convenient for buying wine that I otherwise would not have known about or heard of.
Rick S
Very easy and seems to be a good price. I like the description of the wines. I prefer when it also lists drink by periods.
Sam M
WTSO offers some very good wines at good prices. Given that they are a close-out dealer, you can't expect them to compete with the many large dealers that sell the latest vintages of many of the better wineries. And yes there are some pretty bad wines for sale. You have to be alert and do your own due diligence. I have bought a few bottles that I would prefer not to have but overall, WTSO sells enough winners that they are my main source of wines. I have recommended them to many of my friends.
Thomas S
I have been buying wine from WTSO since 2010. Their descriptions are spot on and never once have I ever been disappointed in the wine I’ve selected !
Carol S
A life saver! I don't know what I would do without WTSO. Really great wines at a good price - and the shopping experience is fun. They ship quickly and with great care. Customer service is terrific. I've tried some great new wines thanks to WTSO. I recommend them to all my friends.
Marie L.
Excellent selection and prices. Awesome customer service.
Cass H
It’s so nice to have so many wine options available for such a great price! I have never been disappointed!
Mark L
My brother turned me on to WTSO. Good big brother!! Great selection of Italian reds with a simplistic approach to get them to me. Allows me to try wines I may have never bought in an open market. bravo!!
Eric F
Great wines at great prices. Accurate ratings. Reliable delivery. Best wines at the best price
Grant and Patty H.
By the variety of excellent and affordable wines available through WTSO, we have expanded our curiosity and knowledge.
David M
Some good values on very nice wines, convenient for wine purchases of wines other than the ones you would typically purchase locally. Nice variety
David M
Some good values on very nice wines, convenient for wine purchases of wines other than the ones you would typically purchase locally. Nice variety
Brian M
Great place to by affordable European and South America wines.
Grant and Patty H.
By the variety of excellent and affordable wines available through WTSO, we have expanded our curiosity and knowledge.
Ethan S
Just received my first order, which was a Bonus Offer, through WTSO. Easy, fast shipping and a great wine! Looking forward to ordering more.
Rob T
Hard to beat the fun of quality wines delivered to your door - each time is like a gift. Have you ever thought about having Italy Week or French Week, for example, where the minimum order is a number of total bottles instead of bottles per vineyard. Something like that might help develop an appreciation for the unfamiliar. If you've tried your first Brunello and loved it, you might later order several bottles under the normal buying mode - or, Brunello Week!! HA!
Kristen D
Great prices, TOO EASY, quick. I love the selection of Bordeaux wines. My only negative comment: I wish the app would alert me when the varietal I’m interested comes up, instead when any new bottle becomes available.
Peggy K
WTSO has been a wonderful way to add to my wine collection. There is a continuously changing selection and I get to try new wines. I rely on the descriptions and they are accurate.
Michael M
Appreciate the selection. Orders are delivered in a timely manner. The very few times I have had an issue, it has been dealt with promptly and professionally to my total satisfaction
Jeff J
Great and varied selection of wines. Amazing discounts on several serious Italian Barolo and BDM's, as well as occasional Napa Cab steals based on price/quality ratio.
Great variety of wines. We especially love the Sancerre options. Rosé selection is great in the summer too!
Heidi C
I love the wine varieties available - especially the marathons! It’s allowed me to sample a wider variety, and at a great price. Love the free shipping, too! I’ve recommended to several friends
Stan D
WTSO has been excellent to work with. The wines are great, the prices are below market, and the staff is superb. A pleasure to do business with.
Michele R
Great wines. Fast and free delivery. Exceptional service when looking for something particular for a gift for a client, Loved the WTSO Holiday offer.
Bob C
Great wines - priced to move - shipped quickly in quality packaging - I am a big fan.
El C
Love WTSO! I have recommended to so many people for the convenience, amazing prices and access to inventory unavailable any where else. The staff is great too.
Ed S
Very reliable service w good quality wines- I wish there was a way to buy the one you liked w out waiting for potential repeat!
Rhonda M
I have recommended WTSO to many of my friends. I find it best when looking at a highly rated wine that I may have not tried before, to first check it out on the web. Then I make my final decision. I have discovered some great champagnes through this site.
Bob S
Good wines, great selection, greatest pricing ..... and convenient shipping!
Elise C
I love the convenience, flexibility, pricing, free shipping of small quantities, packaging, absence of club commitment and wine variety provided by WTSO. I have recommended WTSO to many friends and will continue to do so.
Richard D
Affordable wines at a good price. Ordering is convenient , and delivery is rapid.
Frank R
Excellent way to get good wines at great prices. Find some special wines when you aren't expecting them. Love it
Jeff M
I have been a WTSO member for at least nine years and have made more purchases than I care to publicly admit. WTSO has consistently provided accurate substantive information about the wines offered, to the point where I have yet to be even remotely disappointed with a purchase. It's a great access point for value wines and a resource for information that can help those without a deep knowledge of wine identify bottles of interest and develop an understanding of the features of a wide array of varietals. I've turned dozens of friends onto WTSO as well, and the only negative response is from their respective significant others about having too much wine in the house. Great company, great customer service.
Winton T
Yeah, good prices on good wine. But the customer service is really good. Have never had an issue or question that wasn’t addressed quickly. I have become a customer and an active apostle. Turning friends on to WTSO is an act of kindness.
Charlotte Tripoli
I was a very frequentl user and purchased many great wines at reasonable prices. I n the last year the offerings that I enjoy seem to be coming less frequently. I also believe the prices are not as discounted as I previously experienced. Customer service is still a 4+.
Sarah S
WTSO has given us the opportunity to try and love wines we otherwise would not purchase. Nice variety, good prices, shipping extremely efficient.
Kevin A
Very easy to order good wine at a reasonable price. The wine is delivered very quickly.
Robert M
While I find it very difficult to verify the price they say that the wine is currently being sold for, their selection and the price they offer the wine at is very much of value. Good shipping, packaging and timely delivery! Great variety of wine being offered!
Harvey K
been doing business with you guys for at least 5 years and am generally very pleased with the offerings, pricings, and speed of delivery. noticed that you have started something new with bonus offering and sommelier selections. don't try to get too exotic and stick yo your knitting! HK Salem Or
Barbara G.
Highly recommend!
Laila P
Love their wines and prices. The delivery service is exceptional. I do not buy as much as I would like to because my wine budget is limited. But if it was not I would choose them to deliver daily that is how much I love it.
Greg K
Good quality wine at a good price but what really sets them apart from other wine sites and brick and mortar stores is GREAT customer service.
David S
I've been a customer of WTSO since the beginning. The product choices are excellent. Delivery reliable. Prices competitive. Service considerate and efficient. I have a small 501 (c) (3) IRS approved charity that has a golf outing every year. WTSO has been a great supporter, in the community-for the community, donating great wines that we use for silent bidding and raffle prizes.
Beverlee K
Amazing.. willing to assist with any request. Delivery, orders, or selection recommendation.. Easy to do business with
William B
People are friendly and accommodating. Prices are generally the best available.
Kim R
I consider myself a WTSO expert (8 years and 193 orders) and I continue to recommend them to my friends. Easily 80% of my cellar are wines from WTSO. Excellent variety, prices beat everywhere else, and orders arrive so quickly! The few times that I have needed customer service the response was prompt and gracious.
John C
WTSO has been a very good avenue for purchasing wine. I have had only one difficulty and WTSO resolved it quickly and easily.
For the past 7 years we have been getting some great wines at exceptional prices. Prompt deliveries and exceptional customer service also!
Sue C
99% of the wines we have tried were wonderful. Having wines at our fingertips that can't be found in wine stores is exciting, but we are sometimes disappointed that our favorites seem to be seldom offered. All that said, we think WTSO is amazing and we will continue stocking our small cellar. Also, customer service is remarkable. Thank you WTSO from a 7 year customer!
Brooks S
Great opertunities to acquire different wines that would not normally be available to me in my State. Thanks WTSO !!!
Scott R
Very good to deal with. The few issues I had were resolved immediately. Customer service is second to none. Interesting selection of wines.
David F
Prices are fair and quality is good.
Chris S
This is a great venue to learn about wines, buy wine, and track your cellar. With just a couple clicks, it might be too easy...
Robert C.
This review is easy, except that there aren't enough stars to rate WTSO. I have benefited from the pricing, selection, convenience, format, policies, and excellent 10-star WTSO service for years. My recent encounter resolving an unsatisfactory purchase was awesome. Thank you, WTSO. Cheers.
Tom B
Great wine selection at great prices! I highly recommend!
Jeff P
Absolutely the easiest site to purchase great wines without ever going beyond your smart phone! Fast, reliable delivery without exception. I have purchased from WTSO for several years and recommend this company to all of my friends who appreciate great wines from all over the world. Thanks WTSO for making it so easy to stock my cellar!
Ken M
Never got a wine I have not enjoyed.
Robert F.
My wife and I are definitely Old World wine lovers and the wines we have been able to get from many areas in France and Spain have been simply extraordinary. Lately we have been able to get some high quality wines from Alsace and are absolutely delighted with both the quality and price. Over the years, and I have been tasting and collecting wines for almost 50 years, I have belonged to many clubs but WTSO is by far the best ever. Thanks for all the choices you provide and the delivery has been both quick and timely.
Klaus T
Great finds for a reasonable cost. Love the ratings. While I may not agree with all the ratings, I have not been disappointed yet. My only problem is that if I like a wine, it’s very rare that they come around again.
Phil M
What on earth could be better than having fabulous wine delivered directly to your door? I have had nothing but great experiences with WTSO, their website is easy to use and their wine selection and prices are superb.
Bill E
I have learned a lot from the WTSO offerings and have tried new and different varieties of grapes that I had never heard of before. i never fail to recommend WTSO to anyone and i have several other wine suppliers
Jack H
Good prices, quality product.
Kevin N
Very easy to use.
Bob M
Really fast delivery and I always save a lot on wines
Tom L
Very easy to use and always a nice selection to consider
Gino Rossetti
I have been with WTSO for 10 years and am very very satisfied. You have wonderful employees that are very professional and responsive. my only complaint is having to be home when FedEx delivers. We are a small town in the mountains so we have little no alternative. And finally, I recommend WTSO to all my friends and family..
Ed P
good wines at very good prices. easy to order and fast shipping.
Alison D
WTSO is easy and efficient and has a great wide selection. However sometimes teh mark downs are a bit misleading as the offer is no different thant the price at a wine store.
Stu C
Great variety with exceptional service. Can't recommend it enough. Keep up the great work satisfying my wine needs.
William P
I’m a daily drinker of wine and very much enjoy the marriage of wine and food. WTSO has for many years allowed me to easily buy outstanding wine at a good price. 5 years ago I moved out of the US but still send WTSO wine to US addressees I visit. I have through the years shared my WTSO wine and this site to many of my friends in Florida and Pennsylvania. Thank you WTSO!
Craig C
Good wines and great service for 10 years.
Kathy C
A great to expand the wine cellar and customer service has been great the time or two that I have neeeded them!
Tami B
Love it! WTSO is fun, fast, and different from traditional e-commerce website purchases. The prices are competitive and the orders ship to arrive quickly.
Jim H
Nice selection of wines at affordable prices. Sometimes their "original" price is a bit inflated as shown in the reviews they include.
John C
Great prices which allow me to sample wines from around the world! I really appreciate the WTSO member ratings as well. Shipping is always handled superbly.
Constantine V
Have been delighted with what I have bought--choices have been way above average. The staff who answers the phone when I call to order wines that may be still available are extremely courteous and helpful. Cheers to all of you.
Joel P
Been ordering for over ten years and have never had a bottle that was off. Gives me a chance to try different wines and different areas. Would like to see a broader selection from areas that are under represented and beginning to have a place on the table.
Jeffrey C
Wtso is The best !!!
I am very impresssed with the ease of ordering and the follow up
David S
Offerings are diverse across the wine spectrum. Ordering is fast and easy once you set up an account and delivery is almost immediate.
Frederick T
This is a convenience service, offering for the most part above average wines at fair -- not necessarily the lowest -- prices. Occasionally you'll find a genuine bargain, but in reality you're buying odd-lots and producer over supplies... which is okay, given that there are more wines than buyers. I'd recommend the service to anyone who enjoys wine and appreciates not having the hassle of shopping for wine and schlepping it home.
Darren M
Have been with them from the early days and it has always been a superior customer experience! BRAVO WTSO.
David H
I have enjoyed using WTSO since 2010 and have recommended it to friends all that time. The wines are excellent and the service is great. I actually use it to ship wines to two different states.
Carl M
The wine was delivered as a gift but the card was omitted so the recipient did not know who to thank. Still the wine was quite good.
Paul B
Always interesting offerings with some excellent buys. They always present a wide variety of wines from the world over so that they will surely offer something for everyone.
Richard B
Great wine at a great price. Delivered promptly and carefully.
Ken G
I find some very nice wines on WTSO. The only problem I have, is that sometimes they sell out too fast.
Jack M
I have recommended WTSO to many people. We are very pleased with the selection and GREAT service. Only one small regret, I have purchased wines that I have never heard of and have really enjoyed and would like to purchase more and I can not find it any where. I will give them a 100% rating.
Robin B
The site is easy to use and the wine choices are always very reasonable and the wines top notch.
Bonnie G
I love that I’m always trying new wines and finding new favorites. The prices and selection are great and I’ve turned a bunch of friends on WTSO because of that. I rarely buy wine anywhere else.
Larry F
Great customer service and selection of wines. I would love to see wines from South Africa in the mix, you've done Australia and Argentina so the exceptional wines of South Africa would be another plus. The new app works well and I love the littles feature that allows you to mark off the bottles in your cellar as you drink them
Richard C
I love trying new wines offered up by WTSO, they are high quality wines. And most importantly, I feel safe knowing that, in the rare event it doesn't work out, they take them back no questions asked.
Chad W
WTSO has become a fixture in my life. Great value and variety. From my use of WTSO I have discovered several obscure varieties that are now in my cellar and enjoyed with the appropriate meals. Thanks for providing such a dynamite site. Keep up the great customer support and service!
Chuck H
Every since a friend told me about you, I have been a continuous repeat customer and always pleased with each purchase. You make it easy from start(ordering) to (finish) arrival. Thanks for having a great broad selection of wines at affordable prices to choose from. You are my primary source for stocking wine coolers! I have turned many friends on to your site! Keep up the great job!
Juan G
Great wine, great prices and great service!
Bill C
I have been purchasing wine from WTSO for 5 years and I have referred countless friends and family to this outstanding purveyor of quality wine. On those rare occasions a wine didn't meet my expectations, for whatever reason, WTSO refunded my purchase, no questions asked.
Jonathan L
Fantastic service and an all around quality product!!
Howard G
I've been buying from WTSO since their beginning. Good value and selection. Perfectly responsive to the concerns I had with a couple of bottles - credited my account immediately. I recommend WTSO to my friends and acquaintances regularly.
Dave H
I love the concept, I do not have to look for new wines. Just keep watching for something that catches my eye. Plus I know it will be priced competitively.
Allen S
Easy to use, good selections of wine, good prices and people to speak with if there is ever an issue. Recommended many friends and they still speak to me so it must be a good service. Wish you would have some ports - ruby and tawny - lbv and vintage.
Glenn S
The wines, reviews and service are outstanding.
Dennis H
All of the wines I have purchased have all been good. It is nice to buy in bundles of 3 or 4 and not have to buy a whole case. I have several large liquor stores in my city so I'm able to get the local buys as well as the hard to get wines from WTSO that others won't have in their cellar.
John W
The buyer can jump in anytime the need or want for good wine strikes. The extra benefit is that it comes to your door! What a concept.
Phil D.
Great wine. Large varied selection shipped right to our door.
Chris C
Very convenient and dependable.
Dennis C
Most all wines under $15 have been a good quality for the price. Italian and France wines have all been great with Malbecs from Argentina being exceptional.
Rob S
We enjoy the wide variety of wines offered by WTSO. Can"t say any of the wines we have purchased was a disappointment. Shipping is always fast, and ordering online is very easy. Have passed on your website to several friends who are now loyal users.
Marc V
As a somm I've been able to get some great wines at great prices, delivered to my door! I've been buying from WTSO since 08 and have amassed quite a nice collection. There customer service is second to non, and if and that's a big if a problem ever arose it was always, always handled promptly and affectively.
John U
Our experience has been phenomenal. We have been pleased with every selection made, enjoy the rapid delivery and appreciate the "full description" information that accompanies the wine choices.
Craig E
Wtso makes it easy to try different wines you wouldn’t ordinarily know about. The cellar let’s you keep track of what you,even enjoyed, so you can repurchase the same type
John W
Harold B
Great wines! Great prices! Easy to order! Fast free shipping! What else could you ask for!
Wen C
Like the variety, and free shipping on just 4 bottles.
Miller R
Stirring to see the delivery man coming with that box. ...... Never less than respectable wines! .... Always pleasing! .... Often Exciting!
Rex V
My experience since becoming a patron of WTSO has been nothing but positive. I have enjoyed all of the wines I have purchased from them, and I believe the cost to be well within the parameters I have set for specific wines. I have recommended WTSO to several of my friends and they now purchase wine from them. To my chagrin sometimes I wait to long to make a decision to purchase only to find the specific wine sold out. Actually that happened to me today as well.
Scott H
Hands down, the BEST on-line wine retailer! Great offerings at super-competitive pricing and THE best customer service anywhere!
Karen M
Easy ordering, free delivery and great wine selection.
Kathy R
I have been using your website for several years and have enjoyed all the new wines that I didn't know about. Love the great prices and the updates you give on the process of the order
Frank H
Seamless. Haven't had a bad bottle yet
Shelly R
I have been consistently pleased with the wines that I've purchased and feel that they are a good value. the lack of sales tax and free shipping make the wines especially well valued. I really do wish that signatures were not required; no one in my household under 21 - but I realize this is not a WTSO issue, it's a legal requirement.
Jim B
WTSO always has a great variety. I buy a lot of Oregon Pinot Noirs and I like that they have wines that you can't buy everyday at the local wine store. I have always been very happy with the quality of the wines I have bought versus the price paid for them. I'll continue to buy (too much) from WTSO.
John D
Your service is very popular. When I started years ago I did not have to worry about a quick response now if later that an hour the selection is gone. I like your variety and price points. I trust you have straightened out the issue that resulted in the class action suit. Keep improving.
Ellen F
I like to buy a variety of wines --both red and white -- from all over the world. WTSO has reasonable prices and very good wine. I have been using WTSO for years as it is such an easy process. On occasion, I have called to get a number of bottles of a specific wine for a party (a wine I have already ordered from WTSO). The wine was available and shipped immediately. Great service!
Michael S.
The service from WTSO has been exemplary . As we live in different homes during respective periods of the year there occasionally have been issues related to the shipping destination for my orders. I must say that the team at WTSO has always been terrific in fully resolving these situations, and have invariably done so in a very courteous manner.
Sheldon W.
The majority of wines I've ordered have been excellent both in taste and value. Customer service is highly responsive and a pleasure to deal with. The convenience of home delivery is great!
Bruce M
I love WTSO. I have purchased a lot of wine from them and am thoroughly pleased with their service and selection. I don’t even bother with other wine supply sites or even big box wine stores.
Alex G
Very easy application to use and I like the idea that I get to try new wines. These are wines that I normally wouldn't try because I never "shop" the liquor store. Delivery is easy , on time and convenient.
Stacey B
So easy. Great descriptions.
Jan C
The fact you can get good wines at fair and reasonable prices is a great draw, but then to have them delivered free of charge is just awesome! Have had some problems with shipping and missing items and WTSO has always stood by their policy of returns for bad product and replacing items not shipped. You can say I am very pleased with their product and service!!
Rita N
Great wines at a fair price plus great customer relations and service. Thank you
Dennis M
Good wines from a number of countries delivered to your home with free shipping at competitive prices. Great customer service. When a gift order was delayed WTSO sent me a complimentary bottle that reflected my prior selections. Can't ask for more than that. I recommend to friends without hesitation.
George B
I buy my fine wines from WTSO. The selection is fantastic and the prices are unbeatable. I also like the no shipping charges. I'm so glad a friend introduced me to this site.
Linda F.
No membership fees. GREAT wine choices. Prices are ALWAYS right!! SUPER selections. Quick delivery--and it's ALWAYS free shipping. What more could you want!
Larry N
I've been a customer for a good ten years. Alternatives exist, but I stick with WTSO because the buying is simple, reliable and fair. The descriptions of wines are spot on. I have explored wines I otherwise might not have. There are few other retailers I can say have provided reliable quality, do-what-they-say-they-will-do for 10 years. Price carping? Oh, please. Every buyer is responsible for evaluating if the price is fair - with every retailer. WTSO is great and I appreciate what they do. Thank you! Oh, and I do recommend WTSO and have for years!
Ashton A
My only complaint is that there isn't enough variety of wines. there are an inordinate amount of California Cabernets and Italian Brunellos.
Bobbi G
What a fantastic way to try new wines at reasonable prices! Over the past years that I have bought from WTSO, the selection and the quality are excellent. I have recommended the website to many friends and family. Ordering is quick and easy.
Millie R
I love WTSO. The pricing is excellent. Am very happy with WTSO.
Michelle B.
Great wine and fast delivery. I'd like to see more opportunities to order different bottles and then combine them for the shipping requirement, rather than multiple bottles of the same wine.
Jean P
WTSO provides an outstanding online experience. I have had only one delivery glitch after placing many orders, and the company resolved the issue quickly and with fairness. In most cases (pun intended), the wine has been of very fine quality. WTSO customer service is above and beyond expectation. All in all, a great company!
Bonnie D
I find exceptional wines at incredible prices that you can’t find elsewhere. And, I love the free and timely shipping.
Tom B
Prices are competitive, shipping is quick and customer service is very good. Any issues get resolved quickly.
Joe M.
WTSO carriers a great variety of wines for the low budget buyer to the higher budget buyer. I have been extremely pleased with the overall service and wines selections, as well as the price of the wines with "Free:" shipping. Customers need to understand wines and price. . Bottom line with wines: "You get what you pay for ". Thank you Wines to go for your customer service, selections and loyalty to your customers. I always highly recommend your company.
John T
Excellent service, reasonable prices and the best test of all: prompt and cheerful resolution of any glitch.
Ed A
This is absolutely an all-pro outfit. From pricepoints, quality of product and customer service I’m hard pressed to believe there is anything better. I’m a customer for life.
Rick M
Would love veg to see more California an Washington wines.
Ed H
I have purchased over 500 bottles of wine from WTSO over the yearsand can tell you they are a delight to work with and, in the one or two instances where we've had a miscommunication about an order, corrected the error immediately . I can wholeheartedly recommend them as a way to sample a wide variety of different wines at great prices and with no delivery hassles.
Tina A
I appreciate the variety of wines, especially the reds, the description and ratings on each, love the fast shipping, and appreciate our own “wine cellar” to rate and keep track of our purchases. I recommend WTSO to all my friends. Thank you!
Bruce S
Good wines at maybe not great but certainly good prices. And delivered to your door at that. I've received 8 or 10 shipments by now, never had a problem. Very happy with this service!
Boyce B
Excellent service and good wines. Lacks only Rhine and Mosel Rheislings.
Glenn E
Superb selection and outstanding customer service.
Danny L
If you have a good idea of what you are looking for, WTSO nails it. An invaluable source of excellent wines at an excellent value.
Tom W.
I love the variety and the prices. I have to watch myself because the emails are the equivalent of a candy store for a child.
Carol C
Love buying your wines at reasonable cost. The selections are always good and varied.
Bianca R
A great way to try new wines at great prices and free shipping. I like the fact that the wines are not usually the standard brands you see in most stores. Only complaint is that I would love to be able to buy a wine again when I find something I like that I cannot find anywhere else. They sometimes repeat but not always. Great customer service too. And the gift certificates are a nice gift option.
Peter S
customer service is incredible ...they always do the right thing. the wines are good and generally what you expect ....i do think the less than stellar reviews should not be hidden at the end so that it looks like its only the first clear about the number of reviews and scores
George H
I have been very disappointed with the quality of the wines ordered. There really is not much savings with the cost, even when considering the shipping included. The last one, a Sancerre was rather pathetic. The champagne was the same as what I could buy it for locally. Someone must be getting a deal as you've survived for some time. I just haven't seen that. Maybe its just me (a friend has ordered from you and has been pleased with the products). Not sure I will try again. Might.
Ken B
Next to tasting, shopping and drinking wine at The Cheese Shop on Merchant's Square, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, WTSO.COM is my go to source of the wines I love at a great price. I especially like the wines from Spain and Italy, and NAPA in the US. Great friendly service. with great prices and wonderful delivery policy. I'm so glad our Spanish teacher introduced us to WTSO many years ago.
Edward B
Very happy and pleased with wines I have ordered Have passed your website on to my friends so they can take advantage of the price for high quality wines from around the world
Ann S.
I Love everything about WTSO. I’ve recommended to many of my friends and always tell my kids a perfect gift is a WTSO gift certificate. I love that I’m able to buy many wines we’ve found on our trips to Napa and are usually hard to get or a lot more then I can get them for on WTSO. I also will rave about their customer service. Anytime you have a question they always go out of their way to find the answer and respond right away. Amanda in customer service is the best, and has proven their customers come first.
George Franklin
Very responsive if there are any concerns or problems. Staff is always very congenial. Very customer oriented.
Jon H
The service here is top-notch. Buy with extreme confidence. I had an issue with a wine I purchased, and they refunded my whole order no questions asked. They really go the extra mile to take care of their customers, and that means I will be a customer for life. Plus, the quick shipping is really convenient. Never had any issues with the ordering or shipping/delivery processes.
Todd S
Good wine for an awesome price!
William C
Great website; easy to navigate once you are all signed up. I only wish there was a way to filter the wines that one likes to specific countries or areas of interest. Free shipping and no tax is a great boon for the wonderful prices. Would highly recommend!
Chris Y
Great selection of wines and great deals. The few times I have deal with customer service, they have been prompt, professional and accommodating. WTSO is a pleasure to deal with.
Tommy C
Good value, fast delivery
Rita M
Fabulous website and customer service is excellent ... my biggest complaint is that the wines sell out too fast or I'm too slow!
Rita M
Fabulous website and customer service is excellent ... my biggest complaint is that the wines sell out too fast or I'm too slow!
Alan R
i like that they provide ratings from various sources, as well as thorough descriptions. deliveries are prompt and in good shape, the wines are typically very good value.
John M
Love the wine selection, the prices and the quick shipping. I have recommended WTSO to several people.
Larry H
Very happy with the choices and prices available. Also the ease of ordering and free delivery. I will continue to use WTSO.
Arlena M
I can't say enough about WTSO - I love the selection of wines, I love the marathon events, I love the fact FedEx delivers what I order directly to my front door within a few days after I place my order. And now with the Weekly Tastings, who could ask for more?
Ruth D
Great service & fine wine.
Don L
great variety, great prices, and honest ratings
James W
Great wines at excellent prices. Really enjoy the wines.
Ron E
Love WTSO! Great deals on some very nice wines.
James K
These guys are great. Love doing business with them. Always responsive and helpful.
Tony E.
I love WTSO because they have some superb wines at great prices. THEN this year when they stored about 25 cases of wine I purchased over a 5 month period (we have really hot weather here in Northern CA), I just thought that was the greatest benefit ever as I had my wine shipped to me in early Nov. when it was cool out. I seldom buy wine from any other internet site as WTSO does it all in spades.
Tom P
Great service.
Hugh R
Would like to see more white wines, to include some from South Africa.
John D.
Outstanding Wines. Great Customer Service!
David A
You are helping keep my wine cooler filled with excellent Italian and French wines at very reasonable prices. Please keep this up.
Bert R.
Great wines, great prices & great service. Easy to use the app & wines delivered timely. Buy the minimum number of bottles and delivery is free! It doesn't get any better! Thank you WTSO!
Kathy Murtfeldt
Easy way to buy wine. Guarantee of satisfaction makes it easy to try wines and if they are not good to get credit and try something else.
Tim A
WTSO routinely has interesting and high quality wines that I would never find in local wine shops. Often I find wines that are several years older than the local wine shop. I have never had an issue with shipping!
Michael Mcdonald
well, i have been buying wine for at least these last 5 years or so. i have for the most part been very satisfied. my only concern is the class action lawsuit i received notification of recently. i believe it is being resolved and customers like me who have purchased quite a bit of wine over the years will receive credits towards future purchases. we'll see as the saying goes.
Nancy L
Great resource for reliable, reasonably priced French white wine which I prefer. Free delivery for 4+ bottles and always on time.
John G
WTSO is a great place to purchase fine wine. They offer a variety of great deals at all sorts of price points, all at significant discounts. And the free shipping makes purchasing wine through WTSO a "no brainer."
John M
Love the site ..but very addictive..went from 30 bottles of red in my collection to over 240 in two yrs .. thats the only reason for only 4 stars Good Luck
Jan P
Have been a customer of WTSO for over 8 years and very happy with the service and wine selections.
David B
I like WTSO enough to drive to Oklahoma to pickup shipments. I can’t wait for deliveries to Texas again. David B.
Tony E.
I love WTSO because they have some superb wines at great prices. THEN this year when they started storing wine in cold storage, I bought 25 cases of wine over a 5 month period as we have really hot weather here in Northern CA. We had 116 degrees a year ago. I really think storing wine was the greatest benefit ever. I finally had my wine shipped to me in early Nov. when it was cool out. I seldom buy wine from any other internet site as WTSO does it all in spades. I have been buying from them for years.
Michael R
Easy and very convenient. Occasionally wines don’t live up to the ratings. Still my primary reliable source for good wines
Joseph P
Wine price was right. Not very informative as to shipping number in order to track delivery. Overall, a good website offering very good to excellent wines at a very good price.
Heather K
WTSO is my go-to for quality wine that is priced competitively. I am one happy customer and recommend WTSO to all of my wine loving friends! 100% satisfaction here.
Tim F
What's NOT to like? I like that I see tasting notes and ratings from trusted sommeliers and publications. I like that I can buy very good wines at reasonable prices, which include the shipping. I don't like the surprise of the added shipping costs on any etail site (MHO only). There is one thing I guess I don't like--seeing the wines I missed because I hadn't checked my email or app for a while. How about a way that WTSO can erase those before I open email or the app! :)) -- Lastly, you ask if I would recommend WTSO to a friend. I have to many. But sometimes I think that I'd rather keep it a secret so as not to have too many competing buyers!
Janice L
I’ve always had great experiences with WTSO, deliveries are always timely and the times I’ve had to call customer service their response always resolves whatever issue I may have!
Hugh S
Excellent source of affordable fine wine!
Gale B
I love the selection of champagnes and sparkling wines. I rely on the descriptions and reviews to make my selections. The prices are great and delivery to my home for free is the best!
WTSO has become by far my number one on-line discount wine source. In fact, WTSO is about equal to all of the other on-line discount wine sellers combined. In addition, I rarely purchase wines in retail stores any more (there is no need). WTSO has an extensive selection of wines: red, white and rose; sparkling and still; from many countries and most regions of the world; at all different price points from inexpensive to very expensive. The staff is friendly and helpful whenever I need assistance or have questions. I have recommended WTSO to many friends and family members, and I highly recommend them to YOU!
Rita A
WTSO is great! If there is ever a problem customer service can always resolve it. I have never been disappointed in a wine.
Rich G
I think WTSO made a good call to no longer use the other verbage that has caused all the mess with the litigation. For me, I never looked at that. I always looked at the actual price, only purchase those wines that I am familiar with anyway. I like that fact that they source wines from all over. Has allowed me to try wines from around the globe at many times incredibly reasonable prices. Very few bottles have been bad, and when they have been they have given me credit for them, essentially no questions asked. Nothing is going to make me shy away from purchasing in the future
Pete F
I have been a subscriber to WTSO since 2011...Have found soooo many different wines at affordable prices (thrink free ship). Sometimes when I taste a wine that is sold out I will call and ask if there may be a few left in inventory...I have always received a timely response. WTSO really is a very enjoyable method of learning about and purchasing tasty wine!
Shaun S
Good wines, good price, delivered in a timely fashion. We are guilty of holding our wines for a while before drinking so sometimes I have to restrain myself from digging in to my deliveries too quickly but after 6 months to a year I finally get to enjoy the wines I order from WTSO.
Kathleen B
There’s nothing like being in northern Wisconsin, sitting on the dock, watching the sunrise... and ordering yet another 4-pack of wine from WTSO. It’s so easy and then it’s delivered right to my door. Nicely done, WTSO team!!
Dave Hobbs
WTSO is always consistent with their customer service, on-time deliveries and quality of product delivered. We have never experienced any damaged goods which speaks volumes to the care packaged with every bottle on each shipment. Love the ability to schedule a delivery during the choice of multiple days when you know you will be home.
Catherine R
I Love this site. I have recommended WTSO to many of my friends and everyone loves it!!
Jim F
Great service. At times I find the “comparable” price a bit misleading, however, we have ordered extensively from WTSO and have never been disappointed in the quality of the wines relative to price. In fact, on a number of occasions we have been blown away by the quality of the wine regardless of price. We love WTSO!
Steven W
Consistently good wines at a great price. Hands down better than other on-line vendors I have tried. A pleasure.
Elmo .
I have always had a great experience with WTSO. One shipment had a broken bottle and they replaced it cheerfully with no questions asked. Most of the wines I buy are from boutique wineries I am very familiar with both in terms of quality and price. Very good wine at very good prices and no-charge shipping. Great value and great customer support!
Chuck D
Great customer service and fantastic wines. Glad I learned about this site several years ago. I tell everyone I see buying wine in a store about the site and how easy it is to order wine.
Kenneth M
I am always checking for my next wine purchase. I even tell my friends that if they don't like a wine I recommend, I will buy date, I have not bought back any wine..
Ed F
I regularly find wonderful values on delicious wines and have recommended WTSO to several friends. But the service and caring when we were purchasing wines for my son's wedding this fall was outstanding. Latitia and the staff worked with me to stay within our budget and suggested we try several wines we would not have thought of otherwise. The bartenders said they had rarely seen such an outstanding collection of wines served at a wedding. I made them promise not to tell how little I paid.
David S
The service works great (now that you can ship to Illinois AGAIN) and it gives me a way to acquire wines I will never see in local stores.
John M
I have not found any distribution entity that rivals WTSO. Selection and price are unmatched. I have been buying for several years and never had an instance that I wanted to return my order.
Jamie M
Great customer service. I received a bottle of wine that was bad and my money was returned, no questions asked. Shipping is always fast and you can’t beat the prices.
John M
WTSO is excellent - customer service is great.
David B.
What more is there to say? Reviews of wine to help make good choices, easy online ordering and wine shows up on your door-step (after an adult signs for it). What I appreciate is that WTSO info includes alcohol content with its reviews. I like the balance of ratings by "professionals" vs. the wines rated by WTSO members, which I find more accurate.
Bruce P
Good place to find wines that I've never tried at prices that don't make me feel like I'm making unnecessary risks with my money and my palette.
Ken R
I have been purchasing wines from WTSO for several years. They offer an excellent selection and their prices are always excellent. I have recommended WTSO to many of my friends and colleagues.
Jerry B
Great website. Terrific selections of all types of wines. Fast delivery
Fred P
I've been using WTSO for most of their existence. The site is easy to use and completely reliable. The wines arrive -- every time. The selections are wide-ranging, and the prices are good. On two occasions wines I ordered during the cold winter arrived damaged. WTSO fully credited me -- no questions asked or proof of damage required. WTSO is an excellent supplier.
Stan R
Excellent selection; excellent prices; easy website; great packaging and shipping. Sometimes the promotion disappears before I can act on it.
Mitchell S
great wine, great price, delivered, W ine T hat's S o O utstanding
Excellent variety and choices at very competitive prices. Advertised ratings help make the buy decision easier.
Melinda J
The wine descriptions are spot on and I love trying lesser known regions and varietals.
Melinda J
The wine descriptions are spot on and I love trying lesser known regions and varietals.
Mo R
WTSO has been great for many years , but recently the quality of wines and service has not been as great! The most recent magnum day was a disaster! There is more better sites with better selections and service! Hope I can continue to support you !
Roger W
Happy for all obvious reasons, decent wine at a sensible price, very efficient delivery system and easy to use order process. Only criticism is that it's irritating to miss offers because you can't monitor all of them, some flexibility here would be appreciated. I understand the concept of wine till sold out but don't totally believe that's what happens.
Joey T
I found some of my favorite wines on WTSO. It's a site that's all inclusive: different varietals, different price points, different countries, reviews, and includes the items I look for in buying wines. And all for a reasonable price. It's not a club. Buy when you want to with no shipping costs. Thank you WTSO!
Anthony U.
Delivery usually within two or three days, which is great! Have not been disappointed with any of the wines purchased. If possible, would like to some German and Austrian wines, along with Southern Italian wines.
Loren N.
Great wines at a great price. I need a bigger wine rack!
Sam C
Great wines great prices. Love free shipping. Good tasting notes.
Julie S
I have had nothing but good experiences with WTSO in the years I’ve used them. They are easy to contact and have never been anything but helpful. I have recommended it to friends many times. I order regularly.
Michael G
Made my first purchase from WTSO in 2006 and have been a very satisfied customer ever since. WTSO has introduced me to many wines I would not otherwise have known about or been able to afford. It is without a doubt my favorite source for wines. Their Italian selections (my personal faviorites) are extensive, excellent quality and great buys. I would highly recommend WTSO to my friends, family and anyone who wants quality wines at great prices.
John R
Have had excellent service and good wines.