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Sommify Board Game

Sommify Blind Tasting Board Game

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Players take turns guessing mystery wines in an atmosphere reminiscent of a party game, all while accidentally learning how to blind taste like a Sommelier. 

Created by Somms
Married duo Conner and Jessica Taylor created this game as a way to study for the Certified Sommelier (Level 2) exam. The traditional method of studying for blind tasting is joining tasting groups. Stuffy! Why couldn't a tasting group be more like a boozy game night? 

These two started prototyping a blind tasting board game weekly with friends. It worked well enough for Conner to pass his Somm exam as well as the WSET III.


Sommify Game Board

27 Bottle Shock Cards

6 Sommify Wine Keys

6 Dry-Erase Markers


6 Pawns

2 Dice

Unit Size750Liter