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What is Extra Brut Wine?

Imagine this: you’re wandering the aisles of a liquor store in the wine section, searching for the perfect bottle of delicious wine, and you come across a bottle with Extra Brut on the label. You’re unsure what this means. You wonder to yourself “what is Extra Brut wine?”

Extra Brut is a description found with sparkling wine and signifies the amount of sugar the wine contains. Brut means dry in French, so Extra Brut equals extra dry. You may also see Brut, Demi-Sec, or Extra-Dry on other labels causing you to wonder what these sparkling wines taste like. It doesn’t mean that your mouth will feel dry or you’ll become more thirsty after consuming Extra Brut wine. On the pyramid of the “dryness” scale for sparkling wine, Extra Brut is one below the driest. Brut Nature contains zero added sugar. The process of adding sugar is what begins the second fermentation and gives us the bubbles we’re craving.

Let’s take a look at “what is Brut vs. Extra Dry Champagne.” Any Champagne or sparkling wine with Brut on the label is going to contain less sugar than one with Dry or Extra Dry. Brut is the most popular Champagne and sparkling wine choice among consumers. It contains a hint of sweetness.

Not all Extra Brut sparkling wines or Champagnes will taste the same because it refers to the sweetness level and not the style of grape used to create the wine. Now when you’re out shopping with someone who asks, “what is Extra Brut wine,” you’ll be able to confidently answer the question.

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