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What is Sekt Wine?

If you are a Champagne lover, you need to know all about Sekt wine. Sekt is the term for sparkling wines from Austria and Germany. Germans are known for enjoying their bubbly wine, and this selection is taking the sparkling wine world by storm. 

What is Sekt Wine?

Sekt wine is a sparkling wine from Germany and Austria that has lived a mediocre life thus far. It maintained low quality standards among the other inexpensive bubbly wines on the market. Recent wine governance changes have improved Sekt wine. This sparkling wine now shows great promise to become exceptional. Many estates are trying to create fine Sekt and give it the luxury it deserves.

A Brief History

The German landscape provides excellent conditions for growing light-bodied, highly acidic wine, making it perfect for creating sparkling wine. German producers turned to tank fermentation over in-bottle fermentation, enabling them to create mass quantities of the wine. Quantity was more important than quality at the time. Winemakers created the wine for the locals in Germany; in fact, there was a time when you couldn’t find it outside of the country. Nowadays, things are looking up for this delicious bubbly wine. 

German Grades

Sekt wine is either white or rose, and there are four different grades for German Sekt wine: Sekt, German Sekt, Sekt b.A., and Winzersekt. Sekt is the lowest grade possible and is generally avoided. German Sekt is often made with cheaper grapes that didn’t originate in Germany. Winzersekt is an exceptionally high-quality Sekt wine.

Austrian Grades

There are four different grades for Austrian Sekt wine: Sekt, Austrian Sekt, Klassik, and Reserve. As with German Sekt, this grade of Sekt can be made from a combination of grapes not grown in Austria. Reserve is the highest-quality grade of the Austrian Sekt variety.

Flavor Profile

It’s challenging to come up with a clear flavor profile for Sekt wine because of its range in grades and grapes. The appeal of the wine becomes clearer as you achieve more high-quality grades. Cheaper Sekt wines will taste like overly sweet, carbonated water, similar to soda.

Now that you know more about Sekt wine, you can answer the question, “What is Sekt wine?” Consider bringing it to your next gathering to change up the wine variety.