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What is Sparkling Rosé?

Rosé is a delicious wine that many people enjoy during the warmer months of spring and summer. Sparkling Rosé isn’t an exception. It’s the perfect drink to bring to your next summer barbeque or brunch. If you haven’t enjoyed this delicious, bubbly wine yet, you’re seriously missing out.

What Is Sparkling Rosé?

Sparkling Rosé wine is found in a variety of styles. They range from light and airy to full-bodied and rich. They can have floral or fruity notes with bubbles that dance around on your tongue. A simple formula creates an alcohol and carbon dioxide concoction of bubbles in the bottle. Sugar and yeast are fermented in a closed container, which causes the carbon dioxide to return to the wine, resulting in sparkling Rosé wine. There are varied bubble sizes, methods, and levels of fruitiness Many countries have created versions all their own. These regions include:

  • French sparkling wines, outside of Champagne, range from dry to sweet Rosé varieties.
  • Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine usually made with Macabeu grapes.
  • The German sparkling wine, Sekt, varies in dryness and sweetness. This sparkling wine variety typically has less alcohol than Champagne.  
  • American sparkling wine has so many different blends—endless types of blends, in fact. Some use the Champagne grape variety.

Sparkling Rosé has some common tasting notes among the range of types. The red berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, will exquisitely kiss your tastebuds in the fruitier sparkling Rosés. On the drier side of sparkling, grapefruit, rhubarb, and rose petal flavors excel themselves to the forefront of sips. This sparkling wine is usually a fruit-lovers paradise, and it pairs wonderfully with many foods since it’s a tremendously versatile wine to enjoy. It’s fairly acidic, and you can enjoy it with everything from oysters to fried chicken to chocolate.

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