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What Is Trento DOC Wine?

As the saying (almost) goes, “When in Rome, drink as the Romans do.” Would you like to drink like the Romans without leaving the comfort of your home? Then grab a bottle of Trento DOC sparkling wine! You’ll be enjoying a wine that’s rich in history.

The Trentino region of Italy adapted the classic method using Trentino grapes. This method is the same one used to turn grapes into Champagne. The process has been passed down from generation to generation. Trento sparkling wine takes months, even years, of daily time and work to achieve. The high altitudes, climate, and essence of the Trentino region create a wine that’s as unique as the area.

How To Pair Trento DOC Sparkling Wine

This delicious wine is fresh, light, and fragrant with a touch of fruit flavors. You’ll notice apricot, jasmine, and toasted hazelnuts lightly tap around your tastebuds. Trento sparkling wine is crisper than Champagne and as brisk as the Alpine wind where the grapes are grown. Some even say this delectable wine has a mineral-like quality from the rich soil the grapes are grown in. Because of its zippy acidity, this incredible wine is better served with food than enjoyed on its own. But that’s not to say that Trento DOC sparkling wine isn’t worthy of a toast. Serve it chilled with risottos, savory tarts, and filled pastas. It’s also the perfect sparkling wine to eat with shellfish.

The extraordinary acidic nature of Trento DOC means it’s versatile. It’s similar to Champagne—but with a lower price tag. Most Trento DOC wines are white, but you can find them available in the rosé category.

Now that you can answer the question, “what is Trento DOC wine,” it’s time to purchase a bottle for yourself or your next dinner party. Wines ‘Til Sold Out is the perfect place to buy a bottle of this delicious wine.