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What Is Bordeaux Blanc?

Bordeaux blanc—also referred to as white Bordeaux—is a tasty white wine. In general, a white Bordeaux is made with a blend of two or more grapes. These grapes, however, must come from the Bordeaux region of France. This region is known for distinct wines produced from grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. Blending these grapes together can create unique aromas and flavors in wines.

The Flavor Profile of Bordeaux Blanc

When enjoying a glass of white Bordeaux, you can expect a sweet or semi-dry flavor with light and fruity notes. Many Bordeaux blanc blends have one of two flavor profiles: light and fruity or rich and creamy. A light and fruity blend may have notes ranging from lime and grapefruit to honey and gooseberry. On the other hand, a rich and creamy blend may feature notes from baked apple and lemon curd or orange peel and chamomile. 

Like many white wines, Bordeaux blanc is generally a dry and light-bodied wine that goes well with numerous foods. In general, you can expect this wine to go well with savory items such as garlic and basil, but it also goes with items like lime and avocado. For example, white Bordeaux pairs phenomenally with pastas that contain pesto, sushi with avocado, asparagus risotto, and various types of fish. 

With the unlisted or unfamiliar grapes involved in making a Bordeaux blanc, some people are scared away from giving it a go—especially beginners. We get it; many popular wines feature either one grape or a series of grapes with a similar flavor. No need to fear, since we can help. 

Our team consists of wine experts who are always ready to share their passion for great wines. If you have questions or need recommendations, simply contact us, and one of our experts will be in touch. You may also benefit from one of our virtual wine tastings or our weekly tasting.