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What Is Pinot Grigio Wine?

You can’t talk about wine without covering Pinot Grigio. This white wine is one of the most popular wines in the world—and rightfully so. Almost anybody will enjoy a glass of Pinto Grigio with fresh vegetables, fish, and shellfish. Are you asking yourself, “what is Pinot Grigio?” Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. Our experts will give you a succinct explanation of Pinot Grigio’s history, flavors, and more—so, read on.

A Brief History of Pinot Grigio

Most people assume that Pinot Grigio originated in Italy, but it actually originated in Burgundy, France, where it’s called Pinot Gris. This wine was introduced in the 14th century and made its way across the globe to become a white wine staple for many. Despite being a French wine, Pinot Grigio is made around the world, including Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and even Oregon. 

The Flavor Profile of Pinot Grigio

While this wine is made with pinot grapes, the flavor differs based on the region in which the grapes were grown. Pinot Grigio has a light body with crisp notes of apple, honeysuckle, pear, lemon, or lime. Although these flavors sound sweet, a Pinot Grigio is a dry wine with a high acidity because of the citrus notes. To get the most flavors and aromas out of this wine, it should be served ice cold. 

Everybody who enjoys white wine should try Pinot Grigio because it’s a classic. In fact, many modern white wines were created from the development of Pinot Grigio. Wines ‘Til Sold Out has a huge selection of premium and last chance wines to choose from. We aim to give our customers the opportunity to get quality wines at an unbeatable price. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need suggestions whether for yourself or a gift. Our experts are always happy to help.