WTSO Marathons

Throughout the year, we offer our members a selection of events we like to call Marathons. Marathons are fast-paced sale events that give you the chance to purchase from over 100 amazing deals in a single day!  Each Marathon has a different theme, but all are quick and fun ways to restock your cellar.

The wines featured during these days typically switch out faster than any other day (sometimes in just minutes); so be sure to keep checking our site all day for the current wine deal and act fast, or risk losing your chance! After all, there’s no such thing as too much wine.

Don’t miss out – Create An Account now to start receiving our daily online wine deals and to make the checkout process smoother when the Marathon days are here. This will also keep you posted any time a Marathon is coming up.

Time and time again our Marathons prove to be vastly popular, receiving tons of positive feedback from our loyal members. We’d like to take this chance to thank everyone who’s participated in any of these exciting events.

Check out our selection of Marathon pages below for specific details about each individual day: