5 Ways to Impress With Wine This Valentine’s Day


You could ask anyone what the most romantic and simple gift for Valentine’s Day dinner is, and 9 times out of 10, they’ll say “wine.” This must-have date night staple has long been a symbol of romance for many reasons — it’s made purposefully and delicately, it’s light and simple to sip on, and its rich flavors are bound to bring people together. So when planning your holiday date, the first part of the equation should be a given.

This Valentine’s Day, we challenge you to make wine the focus of your date. There are more ways to sweep your wine-loving honey off their feet than you might think, so we’re here to help you navigate them all before Valentine’s Day.

Explore the World of Wine This Valentine’s Day

Wine is a wonderful gift, and giving a bottle is the perfect way to show your love on Valentine’s Day. However, when it comes to really impressing them on this special day, you have to think outside the box a little. 

So while we definitely encourage you to always buy your date a bottle of wine, this date needs to be more special than the rest — so turn your date into a wine experience. 

HOW? Take a look at our top 5 ways to impress with wine this Valentine’s Day:

5 Ways to Impress With Wine

  1. Buy them their favorite bottle or set. This one’s a given. Like we just mentioned, you should always bring a bottle of wine along for the date, even when you plan on doing a little extra. Make sure to bring their favorite bottle, a flavor they’ve mentioned before, or a wine they’d like to try. The more thought you put into the selection, the better their reaction.
  2. Get them accessories to complement their wine. Now that you got them the wine, why not take the extra step and get them a few accessories? Some high-end tools like wine openers and decanters serve as the perfect thoughtful gift for wine lovers.
  3. Bring them to a wine class. If they love expanding their knowledge, a wine class is the perfect date. You’ll both learn a lot, sip some wine, and get the opportunity to have some great conversation. 
  4. Take them to a vineyard. Everywhere across the country, there are vineyards begging to be visited by thirsty wine lovers. This Valentine’s Day, go above and beyond by showing them where the grape is crushed (literally). It’s an experience your date surely won’t forget!
  5. Cook their favorite meal with, or alongside, wine. For this idea, you don’t even have to leave the house. Just order a bottle (or three) online, get some ingredients together, and make a meal that pairs perfectly with their favorite wine. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, use the wine in the meal for a wonderful romantic evening at home. 


Give Them a Date to Remember

And there are just a few of the ways you can whisk your partner away to the world of wine this Valentine’s Day. Not only do these unique ideas serve as great ways to taste yummy wine, but they are the perfect romantic gestures for this special day. They’ll love the thought you put into the date, and you’ll love seeing the look on their face when they’re pleasantly surprised & ready to sip.

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