Cheers to 13 Years! Celebrating Our Anniversary With a Cheapskate Marathon


For 13 years, our top priority has been satisfying our customers with our wine, prices, and 100% guarantee — and that’s something that will never waiver. And in the midst of changing and evolving as a company, we wanted to take time on our anniversary to bring back something we all know and love.

To thank you for giving us 13 years and counting, we’re hosting our famous Cheapskate Marathon this August!

What Is A Cheapskate Marathon?

For those of you who are new to WTSO or haven’t been with us for long, The Cheapskate Marathon is a fan-favorite WTSO event that features over 100 bottles of affordable and delicious wine in one day.

On a Cheapskate Marathon day, a new discounted wine between $9.99 and $18.99 is available on our main page every 15 minutes or until it is sold out. These bottles go fast, so customers are always encouraged to continue checking the website and refreshing their page as new deals come along.

Bottles from small domestic wineries and huge international brands alike will be featured during the sale — so red, white, and sparkling lovers are all in luck. And do you know what else is lucky? The Cheapskate Marathon is coming back sooner than you think.

Our Upcoming Cheapskate Marathon

The upcoming Cheapskate Marathon will take place on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 from 7am until 12am in celebration of our 13th anniversary. And since this Marathon is a special one, we’re pulling out all the stops.

In addition to our favorite affordable wines, we’ll be unveiling some bottles that may have never seen a Cheapskate Marathon before. We’ll be offering both new arrivals and tried & true classics at unheard-of prices, so stay on the lookout for bottles that interest you! 

Once you buy these bottles, you can find all available selections in your personal online cellar in the future. As long as you have an account with us, you can retrieve any in-stock bottle you’ve ordered before — so Marathon may not be the last you see of your top choices!

How You Can Participate

Unlike during our other events, there will not be any update emails during our upcoming Cheapskate Marathon. Instead, our email subscribers get email notifications until the day of the sale. Subscribe to our list for updates as the date approaches!

To stay in the loop on Marathon Day, keep checking our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We’ll be there to relay all updates and answer any customer questions! Our customer service team will also be available at 866-957-2795 throughout the day. 

And to add a little more fun and celebration into the mix, we’ll be hosting a giveaway for all customers who follow us on Facebook.

Visit on August 6, 2019 to find a new bottle every 15 minutes or less during our coveted Cheapskate Marathon! Help us end our birthday with a bang by celebrating with us and stocking up on all your favorites. All orders ship August 12. Cheers!




  • You need to understand that there are some of us who buy wine from WTSO regularly who do not use Facebook or Twitter for very good reasons. It’s called privacy.

    What about an alternative way to participate in the Cheapskate Marathon?

    • Good morning,
      You do not have to be on Facebook to participate in this event. Social media is just a fun way that we can interact with our customers throughout the day.

  • I am new to WTSO. I tried to purchase some wine a couple of weeks ago and no one got back to me. So I am not sure how to go forward and actually purchase wine from you? Please advise.

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