Delicious Wines To Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

Every May, kids everywhere have a challenging time deciding which wine to serve. Don’t fret because these are the delicious wines to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day!

We get it, you want to pamper your mom this year, and you’re unsure which wine to serve. We’ll explore everything from sparkling and bright to silky and smooth. These are the delicious wines to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day. 


Chardonnay is the perfect wine for a lazy brunch Sunday. Look for a Chardonnay that’s less oak forward but will convert everyone to a Chardonnay lover. You’ll find delicious buttery notes with a clean finish that will highlight all the delicious food you consume during your Mother’s Day brunch. 


Doesn’t Mom deserve a bubbly toast on Mother’s Day? Don’t pass over the Champagne to celebrate Mom this year! You can create a mimosa bar with several types of juices from which Mom and guests can choose.   

There are different sparkling wine varieties available, so you’re guaranteed to find a flavor everyone can enjoy. If you prefer Italian bubbles, grab a bottle of Prosecco to top off your orange juice instead. 


Mother’s Day arrives during spring when the weather is finally warming up. Rosé is enjoyed by many as the flowers begin to bloom and everyone spends more time outdoors. 

This wine is a lovely choice because it’s bright, fruity, and sweet. It will pair perfectly with berry-stuffed French toast. You can also enjoy it with ham and Gruyere quiche. 


If your mom enjoys wine on the sweeter side, then a Riesling is the delicious wine to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day. Riesling’s are typically citrus-forward with decent acidity and an excellent mouthfeel. This fabulous wine will pair excellently with the smoked ham and asparagus you prepare for your mom on Mother’s Day. 


Don’t be afraid to go red this Mother’s Day. Merlots are a deep, ruby wine with a vibrant acidity that pairs perfectly with poultry. The cherry, plum, and chocolate notes will enhance the richness of Mom’s favorite French silk pie. 

Look for any of these wines mentioned above and more on our last call wines list. Use this guide to decide which wine to serve for Mother’s Day this year. Happy sipping!

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