Halloween Wine Recommendations From Your Favorite Monsters

It’s October – that time of year when eerie evenings come early, and the air begins to chill you to the bone. Spooky delights await at the end of the month, and in anticipation of All Hallows’ Eve, we wanted to line up some killer wine selections to enjoy at the annual frightful fête. We had some fun and imagined what it would be like if we went straight to the source and interviewed the world’s most famous monsters to see what they’re creepily quaffing on Fright Night 2019.

Count Dracula, Transylvania:

“As an undead entity, I’ve had centuries to develop my palate, not to mention that my exclusive sustenance is an inky red liquid, so yeah, I’d say that I’m something of a beverage specialist. It should be no surprise that I have a taste for notes of what the French call “sang,” the ferrous earthiness that a mere mortal may know from kissing a paper cut. I often find this flavor best represented in mature Bordeaux wines, especially those with a high percentage of Cabernet Franc in the blend, and French Malbec from Cahors really gets my (nonexistent) pulse racing.”

Frankenstein’s Monster, The Arctic Circle:

“Wine, for me, has always been about tasting a sense of place. With no intellectual narrative before my resurrection, I feel my memories, as impressions and intuitions, which I’ve been able to connect to the notion of tasting terroir in a wine. The perfect junction of place-character in wine and my own personal journey has proven to be German Rieslings which often display distinct minerality according to the quality of vineyard soil. That, and my corpse was stolen from a Bavarian morgue.”

The Wolfman, Wales:

“Werewolves love to eat, and so I don’t think that I’m alone when I say that wine, for my culture, is largely about complementing cuisine. My diet is very protein heavy, and I’m not afraid of the gristly bits, so the wines I gravitate towards are tannic and full, like Syrah-based Rhône blends. California Zinfandel is a delightful treat when it comes from a warm climate like the Sierra Foothills, and I’ve never said no to an Argentine Malbec with a nice, rare piece of gamey meat.”

Imhotep, Egypt:

“You may think that I subscribe to the theory that wine is best enjoyed after years in the cellar, myself having been mummified and matured for centuries in my own personal vault. To the contrary: for me, the more youthful, the better – I’ve had enough of all things stuffy and dust-covered! Give me a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley with its aromas of wildflowers, or a crisp and fresh Pinot Grigio from Italy’s Veneto. After a few glasses, I really start to unwind!”

The Weird Sisters, Scotland:

“We love to get creative in the kitchen. Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat, tongue of dog; whatever’s lying around the pantry tends to find its way into our stews. With flavors this diverse, it can be hard to know the right wine with which a witch should hitch! We find that a fruity and bright Provençal Rosé is a wickedly good match for complex concoctions like ours. Our dinner guests are spellbound by the pairing!”

Zombie Horde, Your Front Doorstep:


*** Note: no monsters were actually interviewed for this post, though we like to think they’d enjoy the wines we’ve selected. If you’d like to follow in their spooky footsteps, order a bottle of wine for Halloween from WTSO today!


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