How To Fit Wine into Your Healthy Lifestyle

How To Fit Wine into Your Healthy Lifestyle

As health-conscious people, we must make a lot of hard choices throughout each day. After eight grueling hours of saying yes to calorie-counting and no to pretty much everything else, we need a break. What better way to finally say yes to yourself than with a perfectly chilled glass of wine at the end of the day?

Thankfully, fitting wine into your healthy lifestyle is much less of a quandary than many people would think. As a matter of fact, drinking wine can be a great way to engage with your healthy habits and continue to make the right choices.

Always Use Best Practices

Hopefully, this one is obvious, but just in case—make sure you know what healthy means to you. Always consult your doctor for details on what’s best for your body when it comes to making anything a habit. That definitely goes for imbibing a little wine throughout the week. 

Also, remember that wine absolutely has calories, too. If you’re on a strict diet or you like to count those calories, double-check where a glass will fit in. Adding wine into the mix may be the perfect excuse to drop a few other less healthy treats you’ve been using to incentivize your healthy choices.

Incentivize with Wine

That brings us to our next point. Another easy way to fit wine into your healthy lifestyle is to make it your reward for putting in the extra work. Adding cheats into your healthy lifestyle can keep you on track by alleviating pressure. Everyone needs to let off steam, and a glass of wine is a wonderful—and delicious—way to do so.

A nice glass of wine can also be a reward for extra-tough goals. Try out a new diet and reward yourself for sticking to it—or have a glass after you top 10k steps at the end of a day!

Use Wine To Fuel Self-Care

One of the key parts to understanding wine is taking the time to enjoy it. Each type and even each bottle has a unique array of tastes you should savor. Self-care is a lot like that, too. If you want your breaks to have a good impact, it’s important to take the time to engage fully. Use wine as a reminder to set aside time for yourself and just relax. Take a glass into a bubble bath, or snuggle up under the covers with a little Kay Brothers Hillside McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016 and a book.


Another way to show yourself some love is with a gift here and there. Treat yourself by exploring types you’ve never had. Browsing online wine shops is a great way to explore varieties and check out reviews before you buy. Here at Wines ’Til Sold Out, we offer an amazing array of flavors, varieties, and great wine deals. We are here for all your health and self-care choices!


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