Stocking Up for Fall: How to Create the Perfect Case of WTSO Wine

As summer whizzes by, the next season is quickly approaching. Get ready to trade in your bathing suits, sunglasses, and sunscreen for pumpkin spice, warm sweaters, and (of course) enough bottles of wine to prepare you for fun festivities in the fall.

Chances are, you have an event coming up with friends or family this autumn — a BBQ, game night, bonfire, sporting event, or maybe even all of them. And even though these occasions are all different, they all have one thing in common: they all call for crowd-pleasing bottles of wine for the whole crew to enjoy.

Is your wine cellar ready? If it could use some replenishing, read this guide for tips and tricks on stocking up at WTSO for your next seasonal event.

Why Create A Case of Wine?

For starters, there’s no reason not to order wine in bulk. But if you need some more convincing, here are a few reasons why stocking up early is a great idea:

  • You won’t have to buy bottles for each event. Who likes having to stop at the liquor store every Friday to pick up a bottle or two? By ordering multiple bottles online, you won’t have to worry about stopping at the store or making any last-minute wine runs.
  • You know there will be enough wine to go around. Few things are more mortifying than running out of alcohol at a social event. Don’t let anyone get the short end of the bottle — buy in bulk to prevent anyone missing out. 
  • You can mix and match everyone’s favorite. We all know someone who has very specific tastes in wine (hey, it might even be you). So making sure you have a couple options available is necessary. If you just brought a bottle or two, you might be leaving people out who prefer a different type of wine.
  • You’ll get variety that will last. Different events might call for certain types of wine. If you’re planning a steak dinner with the boss, you don’t want to get caught with just a bottle of white. When you order a batch of bottles, you’ll know you have the perfect flavor for any occasion.


How to Build Your Collection

It’s one thing to just buy a bunch of bottles of wine at once, and it’s another to stock up strategically. Here’s how to ensure that you have the best wine selection possible for your next fall event:

Establish a price range. Based on your event and your current budget, pick a price range that you want to stick to for each bottle. For example, you’d probably splurge more on a classy work event than a bonfire with friends. Considering the occasion and establishing a cost limit will help you narrow down your choices.

Shop around a few pages. You can stock up on wine in a few different ways on


  • Visit our home page every 8 hours or less to find our featured wine
  • Check out our “More Wines” page for 10-15 varied selections
  • Visit our “Premium Selections” if your budget is higher
  • View your online cellar! Every bottle you’ve purchased in the past will be available for reorder if it’s still in stock.
  • Visit our Weekly Tasting tab to find themed sets of two, three, or four bottles of wine

Take your pick. And finally, establish what kind of wines you’re looking for. Do you want something light and fruity? Rich and classic? A little bit of both? Either way, your best bet is to get at least a little bit of variety in your collection. 

And most importantly, when you’re selecting wines, pick at least five or six bottles that you or someone you live with likes. If you have left over bottles after an event, you’re going to want to get use out of them. 

Order and Enjoy

Once you choose the bottles that would be best for your crowd, it’s time to check out. 

While bottles may come in separate packages depending on the amount you buy, all orders in multiples of 12 will be put together in a case. So if you want 12, 24, or even 36 bottles, that’s your best bet to getting them all together.

But even if you don’t order in a dozen, you can expect to receive all your bottles quickly and around the same time. Just pick, order, and bottles will be delivered right to your doorstep on time for your next event. The days of scouring liquor stores before an event are long gone, because wine shopping just got a whole lot easier. 

Whether you have a fall event coming up soon or you’re just a wine lover like all of us, There’s never a wrong time to order a case of wine. Stock up for the season of fun ahead by shopping for your case at WTSO today!

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