Why Are Some Wines “Summer” Wines?

An endlessly versatile beverage, wine has its place at the table year-round — in fact, roughly 72% of millennials have reported that they drink wine and other alcoholic beverages. Yet as the year goes on, our preferences tend to shift. This shift is not something as simple as red in the winter to white in the summer; there is something more at work. It turns out there are a variety of factors which play a role in wines’ seasonal appropriateness, and summer, in particular, is a time when the right wine can make or break a meal. While wine connoisseurs can get as in-depth as they like, anyone can keep the following elements in mind: temperature, acidity, and flavors. Use this guide when shopping for your summer wine online.


This one is the most straightforward — in the summer, we want our wine to be cold! A chilled beverage is one of the quickest ways to cool down after spending time in the hot sun. White wine is meant to be chilled and is perfect in the summer for this reason. Just a bucket with some ice and throw in a bottle of Chardonnay or Riesling the next time you are having company over in your yard. However, it’s not just white wines which can be served cold — rosés are also typically served chilled, and many chillable red wines are available as well such as Pinot Noir and Gamay.


What makes soda so addicting? Aside from the sugar, it’s the citric acid. Acid makes drinks extremely refreshing to the palate, keeping us sipping happily. With its malic and tartaric acids, wine is highly acidic. For summer wines, the more acidity the better. Dark, complex wines can have flavors from the barrel which overpower their acid. When doing wine online shopping, remember that lighter, simpler, acid-forward wines will be a better fit for hot summer days and light meals.


Save the heavier notes of coffee, chocolate, and tobacco for fall and winter. In the summer, fruity wines hit the spot. The right Sauvignon Blanc will have hints of lime to it, and some Rieslings are lemony with hints of cherry. Citrus, apples, and grassy tones all make for deliciously refreshing glasses of wine in the summer.

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