The 5 Best Wine Accessories Ever

Sometimes, it just seems like wine tools and gadgets appear out of nowhere. To help pare down on what a wino really needs, we’ve collected our favorite accessories and are excited to share them with you. Not only are these tools useful and loved by everyone here at Wines Til Sold Out, they make great gifts for any wine lover.

1. Opener

We all love wine. But we need a way to get into those sturdy bottles. Our favorite type of wine opener or ‘wine key’ is the forever loved ‘waiter’s friend’. With a little practice, you can open a bottle with the finesse of a Sommelier. While you can get many different kinds of openers, many wine lovers and professionals recognize and trust the classic design as the world’s best.

2. Stopper

We drink wine all the time, but the problem is that sometimes there is leftover wine. We suggest having at least a couple of silicone wine stoppers. To see how long wine can last once opened, check out this chart.

3. Wine Glass Writers

Wine charms are fun but can be finicky. We can’t remember who’s got the red elephant vs. the blue dolphin after a couple glasses. Something we don’t forget is our names. We like to use Wine Glass Writers to identify our glasses and to tally off our pours right on the base of the glass. Bonus: they take up less space in the wine drawer.

4. Wine wipes

Red wine is delicious. That’s just a fact of life. We’ve had some people shy away from fully enjoying a great pinot noir just because they didn’t want to stain their teeth. Now that we have Wine Wipes on hand, we’re all enjoying our reds without any embarrassing wine stains on our lips and teeth.


Wine Wipes Are Easy To Keep In Your Pocket Or Purse


5. Decanter

Speaking of delicious reds, a good number of reds come into their own with air. If you’re tasting reds without air, you’re missing out on softened tannin and full aromas. We love our classic decanter, which makes a lovely minimalist centerpiece when full of red wine. Check out this video on how to decant wine.

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