The Most Common White Wine Grapes

Spring has sprung, which means warm weather and white wine. Learn about what makes up some of your favorite bottles with our guide to white wine grapes.

Warm weather is just around the corner, so it’s time to pop open those crisp whites, rosés, and other bottles best suited for spring and summer. We did a blog before the cold months about popular red wine grapes, and now that we’ve got sunny skies in our forecast, it’s time to delve into white wine grapes. Keep reading and learn some more about what makes up the wines you’ll sip on this season. Here are the most common white wine grapes you should know!


You knew Chardonnay would be at the top of this list. It can be found on just about any wine list in the world; it’s part of the holy trio of white wines! The grape originated in Burgundy, but it’s gained huge popularity in Australia and California; its capacity to adapt to various climates and soils is what makes it so popular.


Another part of the white wine trio, Riesling is basically a synonym for white wine. Even people who don’t know much about wine can define it as a white wine grape. Originating in Germany, the grape is cultivated in almost all wine regions.

These grapes have an excellent resistance to aging—with their high acidity levels and aromatic nature, this is what makes this grape such a key player.

Interesting Tidbit: Riesling is hardly mixed with other grape varieties because it exhibits such strong characteristics.

Sauvignon Blanc

As the final piece of the trio puzzle, Sauvignon Blanc is famous for its refreshing and dry taste. It’s a great pick for warm weather—especially since its aroma ranges from fruity to floral.

Originating in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, its aroma and flavors depend on the terroir. A cooler or more tropical climate will impact whether it’s grassy or sweet, floral or fruity. Its versatility makes it the perfect accompaniment for many dishes.


A popular white wine grape that many struggle to pronounce is that of Gewurztraminer (guh-vurt-struh-mee-nr).  It’s debated where the grape originated—France or Germany. Either way, the grape can now be found across Europe, Chile, and Argentina!

Its flavors and aromas depend on the terroir, but you’ll typically find notes of lychee, passion fruit, roses, and other flowers.

Chenin Blanc

The last white grape variety that we’ll discuss today is that of Chenin Blanc. Closely associated with the Loire Valley for its origin, South Africa has actually become the world’s top producer of this grape. It doesn’t exactly reach the top of the popularity charts like the trio, but it’s loved in many parts of the world.

Cultivated in Europe, Australia, California, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and more, these grapes are a staple in a lot of your favorite white wines.

We hope you enjoyed this brief guide to some of the most popular white wine grapes. Head into the spring season with white wines on your mind to try! And when you’re looking for gifts for the coming spring holidays or just to send some love to a friend, turn to our wine by mail gifts! They’re the perfect way to deliver our premium wines to loved ones. Not to mention that you can shop for yourself too! Peruse our wine online site, now!

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