The Most Famous Wine Drinkers in History

Enjoying wine is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. Wherever there were grapes, there was wine. Wine has famously brought people together and fueled some of the most influential moments in history. Here are a few of the most famous wine drinkers in history.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and served as the United States’ third president, was an avid lover of wine. He spent his days as the French ambassador touring the best wineries in Europe and kept a cellar at the White House of his favorite wines.

He famously wrote, “Good wine is a daily necessity for me,” which held true by accounts of those that knew him. He was also one of the first people to promote that the United States should become a wine-producing nation.


While drinking wine was mainly an activity reserved for the lower class and men from the upper class during her lifespan, Cleopatra challenged this norm. As the Queen of Egypt, she could do as she pleased. She loved wine so much that she famously bathed in red wine.


Socrates, one of the world’s most renowned philosophers, was a very well-known drunk. His drink of choice? Wine. He used wine to help fuel his intellectual discussions and bond with fellow philosophers of the time.

While many famous philosophers had a penchant for the fermented alcohol, Socrates was known to handle his drink well and keep his wits about him even when drinking in heavy excess.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a famous indulger of his vices. One of those vices was wine. He spent much of his free time in France. He loved wine and felt it made life more enjoyable. He once said, “Wine makes daily life easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions, and more tolerance.”

William Shakespeare

While not known as a heavy drinker, famous playwright William Shakespeare referenced alcohol in nearly every one of his manuscripts. In Shakespeare’s England, wine was a sought-after commodity so expensive that it was reserved for the upper class. It cost about 12 times more than the average beer.

Many of the most famous wine drinkers in history are not well-revered sommeliers but simply lovers of the beverage. If you’re looking to become a more well-rounded wine drinker (and perhaps someday a notable wine lover yourself), check out our selection of affordable wine online.

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