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The Romance of Spring and Wine

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The rites of spring have already begun in some parts of the country. The Bradford pear trees are blooming and the pinkish flowered azaleas are already opening their tender buds. These new arrivals announce the closing of the dour days of winter. Alas, it means that spring is upon us. There is no lovelier season on earth. And there is nothing that can compare to a romantic spring afternoon on the beach or at the park having a wine picnic.

As the Rubyat of Omar Khayyam says:

Come, fill the Cup, and in the fire of Spring

Your Winter-garment of Repentance fling

Selecting the perfect wine is the first priority. Shopping at an online wine shop is an excellent place to begin exploring spring wine options. Chances are, you will find some unimaginably good wine deals online. Some of the best picnic wines are whites, sparkling, or even light red. You can find any of these at excellent prices at an online wine shop.

If you are feeling adventurous food-wise and want to whip up something more intriguing than sandwiches and cheese for your picnic, Food and Wine Magazine has a recipe for farfalle with zucchini and parsley-almond pesto.

Once you have the menu down, there are a few picnic-wine essentials you need to remember. After you find some high-quality, but exceptionally cheap wine online, you need to pack your picnic basket. Don’t forget the following items:

  • A corkscrew
  • Wine glasses
  • Ice
  • Wine glass holders

You can get all of these items at an online wine shop. After you have packed your wine, food, and wine accessories, don’t forget the right music. Set a playlist that is full of soft, romantic mixes to help create a mellow vibe. And if you really want to raise the romantic bar higher, bring a soft blanket to lounge on after you eat.

Buying wine online will minimize shopping time and maximize romantic time. A good online wine shop will help you select the perfect vintage. These days, time for romance is always something we think about but rarely actually create. Online wine sellers make it simple to perfect your romantic interlude by giving you great wines at bargain prices.

If you need help with dessert planning, some of the best online wine shops offer recipes and wine pairings. Think about adding a lemon or strawberry tart to your picnic.

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