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Tips to Follow When Choosing Good Quality Wine

online wine sellers

Unless you were born into a family that owned a grapevine farm, you might only know about the white and red wines. The truth is, it doesn’t stop at red or white when choosing a bottle of wine. For example, in the process of harvesting grapes, farmers separate high-end quality grapes from other grapes. So, the first label wines are processed from high-end quality grapes while the second label is prepared from the latter.

The above demonstrates that choosing a bottle of wine is not easy, but with the guidelines below, you’ll be able to select the best bottle of wine henceforth. It’s essential to note that if you order your wine from online wine sellers, you’ll receive advice about the best wines. Nonetheless, your experience of choosing wine based on your knowledge is magical.

Start With Light Bodied Wine

If it’s your first time ordering wine, ask for light-bodied wine. This is wine the likes of rose or white, which is sweet. After a while, try other distinctive flavors like red wine.


When choosing a wine based on an event, there are three questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Are you pairing the wine with food? It is assumed that white wine is for light food like chicken and fish while red wine complements beef and lamb. However, choosing the right wine to complement your meal depends on the flavors of both. So, if your meal is spicy or ‘heavy’ choose a strongly seasoned wine. The point is, one should not overshadow the other but should balance. Therefore, check for wines with a label like ‘rich’, ‘complex’, ‘deep’, and ‘full-bodied’ to complement your spicy or hearty meals. Remember, some white wines have the above labels too, which conflicts the rule of red wine for red meat and white for white meat. Nonetheless, online wine sellers have better knowledge concerning the best wine for what meal. So, ensure you inquire before you order.
  2. Who will be drinking the wine? A whole 65% of people aged 55 enjoy drinking wine, liquor, and beer. However, since everyone has different tastes, choose both white and red wine to offer a variety.
  3. Will you be mixing the wine with another drink? If you’re mixing the wine into a cocktail, the flavor won’t be defined. Also, if you’re using the wine to flavor meat, choose a slightly flavored wine. So, when you conduct wine online shopping, read the description of each wine and identify the one suggested for cocktails or making a sauce.


Use a Wine App

Before ordering your wine from an online wine shop, consider using a wine app and check the rating of wines. Additionally, you can read reviews on a website of a company that sells wines online and identify the best bottle of wine.

Read the Label

Choosing a bottle of wine online is overwhelming, mainly because the containers are excellently designed and branded. Nonetheless, if you read the label, you identify the region and valley where the wine is matured. Other details included on the label include the year the grapes were harvested, sweetness, body, acidity, tannins, and flavors.

So, if you find the wine has a chocolate flavor, and you love chocolate, order the wine.

It is important to note that there is the first and second label of wine. The two types are processed by the same company but from different quality of grapes. So, inquire from the online wine sellers about the two labels before buying your wine.

Keep Track Of the Type of Wines You’ve Tried

The purpose of choosing a wine is to identify the best that you’ll stick to. So, when you try new wine take note about the brand and other details that will help you choose the best. When there are wine deals online, buy different types of wines, and when you drink, take notes that will help you narrow down the wine list.

Ordering your wine from an online wine shop is easy because the online wine sellers know the best wine for each occasion.


  • Dear Mr.Withrow,I do not consider shopping for wine a complicated experience. If I want to try a new one,my strategy is as follows-I browse,then I choose one randomly.After I drink it,if I liked it,I’ll buy that kind again.If I didn’t like it,I won’t. Thank you for your time.

  • Hi Withrow, Yeah, i would like to follow your tips as beginner.

    But it would be great if you write an article for each wine flavor.

  • I choose to learn more about wine because my sister has expressed interest in buying some. It’s good that you said to ask for a light-bodied wine if it’s your first time ordering. As you indicated, this is a sweet wine, similar to rose or white. I will make sure to let her know about this and suggest that she look into wine wholesale suppliers who might be able to assist her.

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