Weekly Tasting: New Face, New Wines

If you know WTSO, chances are you know Weekly Tasting

Weekly Tasting, a shopping method on WTSO.com, gives wine lovers a chance to enjoy a comprehensive wine tasting from the comfort of their home. And now, we’re adding a new somm and must-have wines to even further enhance that tasting experience. 


The Packs Are Back

Weekly Tasting fans have come to know and love some of our famous wine tasting sets: Spanish Reds, French Riesling, and the list goes on. Well, just in time for summer to be in full-swing, we’re adding more selections that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

One of our first new packs, premiering on Monday, August 3, is all about Malbec. Four bottles, two selections, just $56.99 + free shipping and 50% off when you buy a second. But of course, that’s not all you get for the price.

In this Weekly Tasting set, you’ll not only find four bottles — you’ll also receive a set of tasting notes, recipe cards, and a video guiding you through the tasting from our partner, Marc Supsic.


Sipping With Marc Supsic

Marc Supsic, D-WSET & Certified Wine Professional, is no stranger to wine or WTSO. Through completing wine courses, conducting tastings, traveling the world, and creating his own wine-based YouTube channel, he has become a respected authority in the world of wine. 

Now, as one of WTSO’s fellow collaborators, Marc can be seen on our channels in themed live videos and virtual wine tastings. Fans have been craving more of Marc’s content, so we wanted to bring him on board to curate some packs just for you.


CLICK HERE to Meet Marc on our YouTube channel


Malbec Has A Secret…

Since we already revealed our secret about Marc curating a Weekly Tasting set, we only have one secret left to unveil…Malbec is French. 

Mind-blowing, right? Get to the bottom of it when you purchase Marc’s new wine tasting, “Malbec Has A Secret: It’s French” starting on August 3. 

This Weekly Tasting, complete with four delicious bottles (two of each), has been created by a trusted wine authority that we are excited to call our partner and friend. Learn more about Marc, his tastes, and the must-drink wine sets he’s creating by visiting wtso.com/weeklytasting or following WTSO on social media.For even more newly curated tasting sets, keep on eye out for some additions coming soon!

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