What to Drink on National Red Wine Day

What to Drink on National Red Wine Day

Did you know that there’s a National Drink Wine Day? If you missed that beautiful day in February, don’t fret. Coming up at the end of August is National Red Wine Day—also known as the perfect reason to delve into all things tannin, berry, and leather. When August 28th rolls around this summer, make sure you’re ready by having the best red wines on hand. Read on to learn more about what to drink on National Red Wine Day!

A Variety of Pinot Noir

We’re a little biased on this one because the end of summer and a day of red wine just scream Pinot Noir in our eyes. There’s such a wide variety when it comes to Pinots, and that’s part of the reason why it’s the world’s most popular light-bodied red wine. In fact, just ten days earlier, on August 18, Pinot Noir has its very own holiday. Grab a bunch from different regions, and see what magic awaits you in the bottles!

A Beautiful Red Blend

Another varied red for you to try is a red blend. This label is for red wines that contain more than one grape variety, which means they vary in color, aroma, structure, flavor, and more. No two bottles will be alike. Set up a taste test this Red Wine Day and see which flavors you prefer. You may even find that the blend with heavy merlot grapes spurs a love for Merlot in the future.

A Big Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

Did you know that Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted grape in the world? It’s used in various wines and pleases most people, even if they’re not huge red wine drinkers. If you have a friend who prefers fruit-forward wine, then opt for a California Cab. If herbs are their thing, a French Cab will be a bit more herbal and spicier. Pair it with your barbecue!

A Sweet Merlot

The other most popular planted grape is Merlot. It’s an easy entry point for anyone trying to enjoy red wine. It’s easy to drink, fruity, and incredibly easy to fall in love—and it’s not full of tannins. But there’s more to Merlot than its simplicity—you can find cool-climate Merlots from France, Italy, and Chile as well as warm-climate Merlots from California, Australia, and Argentina. Either way, you’re sure to love it!

A Full-Bodied Zinfandel

Of course, we couldn’t make a list of what to drink on National Red Wine Day and not include a Zinfandel! Again, this is another wine whose taste can vary depending on where it’s grown. Typically, however, Zinfandels are high in alcohol content, juicy, and slow sippers. It’s another good wine to pair with your meat-filled barbecue or even a nice pasta dish!

When August 28th rolls around this year, we hope you’re ready for the day. If you need some red wine before the big day, reach out to Wines ’Til Sold Out. We offer plenty of high-end red wine for you to order and have shipped directly to you home. Search our collections and get delicious wine sent to you in time for the holiday!

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