What Your Wine Choice Says About Your Personality

What Your Wine Choice Says About Your Personality

What Your Wine Choice Says About Your Personality

For quite some time, people have compared a woman’s wine choice to her personality. Almost every person has their preferred label or variety that she prefers more than others, and matching personality to varietal has been a test for people around the world. Though there’s no exact science—as wines are just as unique as each woman—there are some qualities that embody one’s personality to a T. Learn more about what your wine choice says about your personality below!


Of course, the bubbles in this wine match your bubbly personality. You’re the life of the party—the person people go to when they need to celebrate and have some fun. But you’re not just the party type; you’re the person people love to celebrate with for all sorts of affairs. You strive to make people feel special and adored for whatever the special day entails!

Sauvignon Blanc

If you ooze sophistication, then Sauvignon Blanc is definitely your wine personality. You command attention with your powerful air and put-together attitude. You thrive off of success—whether it’s a planned event or a calorie-burning workout, you want the best. You like having a full social calendar, but you also know that you’ll lose it if you don’t have time to relax with some wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The rich flavor and high tannin content of Cabernet Sauvignon perfectly match your bold yet refined personality. You are very detail-oriented, classy, and love to explore the world. When you need to, you can command the attention of the room, but you don’t mind sitting back and watching life flow along. When necessary, you’ll step up and get everything back in order. The best part? You only get better with age!


Since everyone loves Rosé, there are a few different personalities that can fall under this varietal. First, you’ve got the girly-girl: the one who explodes with feminine charm and style. But the other Rosé personality may not be a girly-girl, but she is the person everyone loves to be around. Your own personality is beautifully authentic and easy to enjoy, making everyone else around you fill with joy.


As a Riesling lover, you are the sweetest of the sweet and the kindest of the kind. You’re so genuine that people feel comfortable opening up to you after only a few minutes. You’re the person everyone goes to when they’re having a problem but can often feel under-valued when your friends leave you hanging for the bubblier friend. Don’t let your nice personality make people think that you can’t be just as fun at a party!

Pinot Noir

Oh, Pinot Noir—the elegant red and the graceful friend. You have a fresh, elegant, and graceful attitude that everyone craves in their lives. You’re sweet when you want to be but can challenge when you want to get your way. You’re friends with a variety of people, but only a few are close enough to know your true self.

There are so many different wine varietals that, if the options above don’t match your personality, there’s surely one out there that does. You can find more about what your wine choice says about your personality by understanding wine—you just have to know where to look. Learn more about wine and various flavor profiles (and personality characteristics) at our blog. For all of your wine needs, turn to WTSO’s discount wine online. From tasty reds to match your fiery personality to soft whites for when you’re feeling calm, don’t miss out!


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