What Wine to Drink Based on your Zodiac Sign

Wine & Sign Pairings: What to Drink Based on Your Zodiac Sign

A new year, fresh start. And what better way to ring in that fresh start than with the perfect bottle of wine for you?

Seeing in 2020 Vision

Even for those who don’t follow astrology, it never hurts to know more about your Zodiac sign — after all, you don’t want to miss out on great tips & recommendations based on your birth date! So as we kickoff the New Year, we decided to put together a guide to make your year a lot tastier. 

Your star sign can say a lot about you — and so can the wine you drink. Below, we’ve put together recommendations based on personality traits, characteristics, and the typical tastes of each star sign. Here are the Zodiac sign and wine pairings that we hope will keep you sipping happily all year long:

What Wine to Drink Based on your Zodiac Sign

Wine & Sign Pairings

  1. Aries → Malbec. Courageous and confident, Aries’ aren’t afraid to be bold — just like Malbec. The deep and intense flavors in this red classic are a great match for the firey and spicy personality of an Aries. 
  2. Taurus → Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Chic, sophisticated, strong — these are all words that can easily describe both a tough Taurus and a bottle of CDP. Taurus’ have a passion for the finer things in life, making this high-end varietal a top choice. 
  3. Gemini → Champagne. Geminis can show a variety of emotions and personalities that go from sour to sweet. However, this lovable character is always social and endearing — just like the similarly versatile crowd-pleasing classic, Champagne.
  4. Cancer → Merlot. A Cancer is protective, loyal, and will do whatever it takes to help people and make everyone they love happy. Merlot is similarly strong and cherished by many, making these two an ideal match. 
  5. Leo → Shiraz. Like a delicious glass of Shiraz, a Leo is always happy to shine in the spotlight. These decisive yet playful fire signs love being the center of attention, like Shiraz typically is at gatherings, and have a contagious optimism.
  6. Virgo → Sauvignon Blanc. Virgos like when things are done right the first time, so they’re never disappointed with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. They’re studious and grounded while remaining reliable and gentle, making this smooth and traditional wine a wonderful fit. 
  7. Libra → Riesling. Like the sweet yet simple Riesling, Libras are extremely balanced. Fair and suave like this light wine, Libras work very well with others and tend to bring people together. 
  8. Scorpio → Pinot Noir. Passionate and motivated, Scorpios don’t like to waste time. A rich bottle of Pinot Noir has the same integrity and complexities as the misunderstood Scorpio, making them a viable duo. 
  9. Sagittarius → Cabernet Franc. The blunt, clear-thinking, and intellectual Sagittarius is always up for an adventure. Cabernet Franc boasts international flavors, taking these fire signs on an unforgettable journey.
  10. Capricorn → Cabernet Sauvignon. The ambitious and hardworking Capricorn will do anything to get to the top…and at the top is a big glass of Cabernet. Like this rich red wine, Capricorns are deep, traditional, and serious. They also love a classic, hearty meal — so pair this wine with a steak to see them at their happiest. 
  11. Aquarius → Orange Wine. The Aquarius is one in the same with Orange Wine — unique and unpredictable. Like this one-of-a-kind wine, Aquarius’ are eccentric, independent, and like to stand apart from the pack. 
  12. Pisces → Rosé. Pisces’ are extremely creative, artistic, and in touch with their emotions. Their compassionate, good-natured, and romantic qualities pair perfectly with a light and fruity glass of pink rosé.

Sipping With the Zodiac

And there you have it: all of our top wine pairings for each star sign! Now, we know that this may not be accurate every time (maybe you’re a Libra who doesn’t love the sweetness of Riesling), but hopefully it inspires you to try or start to casually drink a new type of wine you wouldn’t have normally picked up. 

And if you don’t like the wine that matches with your sign, don’t be afraid to try the recommendation from the sign before or after yours — you Geminis and Cancers may have more similar tastes than you think!

Ready to try your sign’s wine pairing? Visit WTSO to find a rotating selection of highly-rated bottles, including varietals like the ones listed above. That way, you can take on the New Year head-on with a bottle of your new favorite wine handy. Have a happy, safe, and wine-derful New Year!

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