WTSO & AWS — Behind Our Partnership With the American Wine Society

If you have a passion for wine, then you should know about the American Wine Society. Known as America’s largest community of wine explorers, this organization makes learning about wine a fun and exciting journey for all members.

And since we take pride in educating our customers and have become known as a national distributor of some of the finest wine in the world, we knew that WTSO and AWS would be a match made in wine heaven.

Getting to Know the American Wine Society

Today, the American Wine Society has 8,000 members and 180 chapters throughout the country. The crowd consists of winemakers, chefs, foodies, educators and students, journalists, and winery staff.

One thing that all of these members have in common is that they have a passion for wine and a thirst for knowledge. Because of this commonality, AWS hosts regional and national events, formal trainings, wine courses, tastings, and more. Each event allows members to meet new people, share wine, and learn about the culture and history behind each bottle.

AWS is famous for their events and conferences, publications, and competitions — and we are honored to have taken part in the action. Here’s how we play a part in all of this:


This partnership began last year when the American Wine Society needed wine for their annual National Conference. We donated a variety of bottles from our online wine store for members to try at the event, and the collaboration was a hit. In addition to offering more bottles for the conference this year, we are continuing our partnership by creating a video specifically for the wine lovers who belong to AWS.

The video, hosted by WTSO’s wine expert Dolores Peralta, is formatted as a virtual wine class. During the class, Peralta gives members an advanced lesson on tannins. She goes into depth about what tannins are, how they affect the taste of wine, and how members can effectively experience tannins first-hand.

View the full video here.

The Future of the Partnership

We hope to continue creating content that can educate and inspire all members of AWS, whether they’re new to the world of wine or have been making their own wine for years. As a team, WTSO and the American Wine Society fuel wine lovers’ passion to learn and provide them with the wine they want and need to gain a deeper understanding of what goes into each bottle.

The relationship between WTSO and the American Wine Society has just begun, and we encourage our members to participate in any upcoming AWS events in their area. To learn more about the American Wine Society, visit https://americanwinesociety.org/.

Stock up on wine to prepare for your next AWS event by browsing our selection today. Have any questions about our wine or our partnership? Call us at (866) 957-2795 for more information

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