WTSO Brings The World’s Finest Wines to Texas

Does Your Local Liquor Store’s Wine Selection Seem Limited?

Each state has different alcohol compliance laws, which offers a challenge for both wineries and wine lovers. Texas has particularly stringent requirements. Out-of-state wineries cannot ship alcoholic beverages without paying a hefty annual licensing fee, which just isn’t feasible for many small producers.


WTSO Can Now Connect Texans to Thousands of Wineries and Producers

Residents of the Lone Star State now have the opportunity to discover incredible wines from thousands of small family producers and global brands. At WTSO, we do the work of finding great wines, complying with Texas laws, and delivering the bottle you request straight to your door. Our company makes it simple to build a quality wine cellar or bring a unique drink to your next event.


How Does WTSO Work?

We are the best online wine store in the business. Our team of wine experts will hand-pick a top wine from an extensive network of wineries and distributors. This wine is then featured in a flash sale on our website that lasts for up to eight hours. Because of their high quality, affordable price, and potentially rare nature, however, these wines can sell out in as little as one hour.

Additionally, we offer a collection of curated wines each month under our ‘more wines’ tab. These collections are grouped by our experts, with a huge variety so we can please any palate. We truly have something for everyone. Visitors can also sign up for Weekly Tasting to try and learn more about different varietals from industry experts.


Expand Your Horizons

Think (and drink!) beyond the world of red and white. Explore vintages, varietals, countries, and regions to help you become a true connoisseur. As you develop your palate, you will have a greater understanding of the subtle character of each wine.


We Deliver High-Quality Wine When You Need It

There are many occasions when you may choose to have a beautifully-packed fine wine delivered right to your front door. For instance, you may desire to:

  • Wow your guests at a fancy dinner party
  • Bring a unique bottle of wine for a picnic or day at the beach
  • Impress business associates with corporate wine gifts
  • Create an outstanding wine collection at home

If you live in Texas, then you can see our current featured wine at www.WTSO.com. Go ahead! Break down the barrier between states, and revolutionize the way you buy wine when you become a WTSO member.


  • Being part of the Texas wine industry, I assure you there is no “limited supply of wine” as you state! Shame on you for even attempting to convince people this is true.

    • Hi Bill, We apologize for the miscommunication that may have occurred. Texas is home to some of the finest wines and wineries in America. However, for fans of old world wines or other wines from around the world, retail options may be more limited. WTSO strives offer wine lovers access to the global experience of wine from the convenience of their own home.

  • Bought great wine from WTSO while living in VA. Would love for you to bring great wine to OKLAHOMA so I can enjoy the experience again. Do what you can to make it happen!

    • Hi Fran,

      WTSO is able to ship into Oklahoma. If you’re having shipping issues, please reach out to our team at Wines@WTSO.com and they will help you with your account and shipping needs. Thanks!

  • Tried to by the current wine deal, was denied due to shipping address being in Texas. Has the ordering website been adjusted to handle Texas?

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