5 Autumn Wines to Fall in Love With

5 Autumn Wines to Fall in Love With

We say it a lot, but we can’t help it because of how true it is. Fall is heaven on earth—the foliage, the smells, the crisp breeze, the comforting food. There’s something for everyone to fall in love with when autumn rolls around; wine is one of them. Put down the cider (at least for a little while) and pick up a bottle of wine that matches the season. Here are some of our favorite autumn wines to fall in love with while the season is in full peak.


This Spanish wine is just what you need to warm up your taste buds when the fall chill sets in. Think about the aesthetically pleasing pumpkin spice flavoring, but in your wine glass instead. These reds have aromas that range from earthy tobacco and leather to clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. If you want more spice, grab a bottle labeled “Reserva” to quench even more of your fall taste bud needs.


It may seem like fall is fully red wine’s season, but there’s way more to it than that. It’s also the perfect time to fall into some full-bodied white wines, like Sémillon. This French-born grape is often blended with Sauvignon Blanc to excite the lush wine with a perfect zippiness. Pair it with those perfect green fall veggies to get the most out of the flavors—you may even get a hint of brussels sprouts in your wine, so might as well pair that with something similar.


Similar to Nebbiolo but not as well known, Barbera is an excellent choice for an autumn wine. In fact, even though it’s not as popular in the states, it’s actually considered Northern Italy’s “wine of the people,” as you can almost always find it near the dining table. What people love about it—especially for the fall—is that it can taste both rich and light-bodied, giving the fruit flavors of a heavy-bodied wine but the mouthfeel and easy drinking of a light-bodied red (all thanks to acidity). If you’re looking for a treat on a cool fall night, this is the one.


Whether you go for a Grenache Rosé or the French Grenache, you’re sure to find something in this autumn wine to fall in love with. When it comes to fall-friendly wines, this wine is arguably one of the friendliest—think raspberry, clove, dried strawberries, and herbs, coupled with a sometimes higher ABV. What else could you want out of a wine in the cold? Pair it with your stew or just as a sipper while you’re under the blankets and in front of the fire.

Chenin Blanc

We had to put another white wine on the list, and Chenin Blanc is an autumn wine you’ll be glad we didn’t forget. Now, don’t get confused with the oak-aged styles (the ones for autumn) versus the dry summer whites and sparkling wines. Chenin Blanc wines aged in oak are more similar to Chardonnay, meaning that you’ve found yourself a new wine to drink on Thanksgiving.

Whether you go for a white, red, or rosé for your autumn drinking, turn to Wines ‘Til Sold Out. We have numerous styles of wine to match your every need during this beautiful season. Take a look at our premium selection or our Last Chance wines and find whatever your heart desires.

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