The Biggest Mistakes When Gifting Wine for a Friend

A bottle of wine makes an excellent gift for a friend who loves wine. With the holidays quickly approaching, the following are the biggest mistakes made when gifting wine. Remember these as you begin your holiday shopping. 

Choosing From Appearance 

A gorgeous bottle with a fabulous label can make your gift more attractive, but it doesn’t tell the recipient a thing about what kind of delicious wine is inside. Taking time to peruse the fine print will show you what you can anticipate about the wine and its production process. The winemaker is what makes the wine wonderful, not the premium package it comes in. 

Not Preparing

Find out what wine your friend prefers to drink. Many educators, blogs, and sites offer advice regarding which vineyard and year will be the best to purchase. If you’re still unsure about deciding, consult with a customer service representative. They’ll provide helpful knowledge.

Loyal To a Brand

Celebrity brands may tempt you, but they’ll cost you the most and may not be very tasty. Search for a wine from a particular region with a comparable climate that uses the same grapes. A great alternative to burgundy is a Pinot Noir from New Zealand, for instance. A unique twist on Bordeaux is a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend from Chile.

Purchase Based on Price

Do you wonder if the highest-priced wine will taste better? The truth is, at times, the better bottle of wine in your price range may not be the most expensive. Many reasons factor into the price of a bottle of wine including taxes, demand, bottling materials, and the production process. Regions or varieties that aren’t as widely popular provide great options and value for a great price. 

Forgetting About Pairings

The last big mistake made when gifting wine is not considering pairings. Every wine is unique and works well with specific foods depending on their flavor profile. Consider gifting the perfect pairing along with the bottle of wine so the recipient can enjoy the bottle the way they’re supposed to.

Wine truly makes a fantastic gift for a friend, no matter the occasion. Here at Wines ‘Til Sold Out, we have various excellent wine-by-mail gift options.

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