What To Expect During Your First Virtual Wine Tasting Event

During the last few years, the way we gather for a wine tasting has changed. Some vineyards are allowing the public back in for wine tastings, but you can host or attend a virtual event in the meantime. Let’s explore what to expect during your first virtual wine tasting event. 

What Is a Virtual Tasting?

Let’s first explore what defines a virtual wine tasting event. We gather information about the budget, event date, wine preferences, and the number of participants. The host fills out a request on our website to contact our planning team. 

At WTSO, you can have a virtual wine tasting with a sommelier or without. These are fantastic because it’s the best way to try new wines with friends and family members who don’t live nearby. We’ll ship out the wine to each individual so everyone receives the exact wine that’s needed. 

Expect a Theme

The theme will decide which wines you’ll be sipping for the evening. A few common themes for wine tastings are regional, blind, vertical, and horizontal. 

  • Regional – Focuses on a specific region of wines, and no wines from outside that area are featured.
  • Blind – Guests will try a variety of wines and then guess the country and type of wine they sipped. 
  • Vertical – A tasting that requires more effort because it focuses on a single producer across a range of years. You’ll get to know a particular winemaker exceptionally and how their style has changed over time. 
  • Horizontal – Focuses on different winemakers during one specific year. It allows quite a bit of flexibility. 

Expect a Great Time

Even though everyone isn’t in the same place, it’s still an excellent way to gather a group together. You’ll enjoy tasting new wine and discussing what flavors you experience. Don’t let the word “virtual” discourage you from joining your friends for a fun evening of wine tasting. 

There isn’t much to expect during your first virtual wine tasting event besides wine and great conversation. It’s a great way to relax after a long week. Wines ‘Til Sold Out will supply the wine, and your friends and family will provide excellent discussion.

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