What Wine to Drink on July 4th

What Wine to Drink on July 4th

What Wine to Drink on July 4th

For a lot of people in the nation, the Fourth of July is a moment to gather and celebrate. There are parades, barbeques, fireworks—all the makings of a beautiful day. Many people use this day to sip on delicious cocktails and enjoy the sunshine, but many people also forget about how perfectly wine goes with this celebration. There may not be blue wine, but there’s definitely enough red, white, and Rosé to make up for it! Learn more about what wine to drink on July 4th below.

Red: Zinfandel

If there’s one red that people love to open on July 4th, it’s Zinfandel. Though the grape holds its roots in Croatia or Italy, a lot of the Zinfandel we drink is exclusively American. There are so many wineries across the nation that create excellent bottle after excellent bottle of Zinfandel. Any Californian Zinfandel has the chops to blow your taste buds. If you’re looking for a deep red for this holiday, then a bottle of this is the way to go.

White: Vinho Verde

There are so many fantastic white wines for summer, but if you’re going to drink all day, then you’re going to want something refreshing. That’s where the soft bubbles of Vinho Verde come into play. It has a lower alcohol percentage (typically around 10–11%) and can easily shift from afternoon to dinnertime wine. It’s got a high acidity, light body, and bursts with a ton of citrusy flavors. Give it a try!

Rosé: Sangiovese Rosé

As one of the ten perfect styles of Rosé, Sangiovese Rosé is a beautiful choice for the fourth of July. It’s wonderful for a bright summer day—the bright copper color shimmers in the light and will pair perfectly with a charcuterie board, chicken, and barbeque. It’s versatile and, oh, so very delicious. You’ll taste notes of fresh strawberries, roses, and yellow peach—the best accent to your day!

Dessert: Sauternes

If you’re dying for a sweet wine to finish off the summer heat, turn to a chilled bottle of Sauternes. Check out our last chance wines selection—you might even find this or a similar wine at a great price! And once you get it in hand, you won’t want to let it go. Flavors of honeyed apricot, butterscotch, caramel, and mango make this a delicious summer treat. That fruit tart that you made for dessert will go wonderfully with a chilled glass of Sauternes. Fall in love with the varied world of dessert wine when you open this bottle.

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