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  • Franck et Sylvain Godon Sancerre Blanc 2018
  • Franck et Sylvain Godon Sancerre Blanc 2018
  • Franck et Sylvain Godon Le Petit Godon Sauvignon Blanc 2018
  • Franck et Sylvain Godon Le Petit Godon Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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Other Available Tastings

French Whites

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  • Michel Fonné Alsace Riesling 2016
  • Château Calvimont Graves Sémillon 2015
  • Guffens au Sud IGP Vaucluse Blanc Marsanne-Roussanne 2016
  • Château St Martin De La Garrigue Picpoul de Pinet 2016

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Rhône Valley Reds

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  • Jean-Louis Grande Réserve Côtes-du-Rhône 2016
  • Domaine Fond Croze Côtes du Rhône Villages "Les Roches" 2015
  • Vins de Vienne Côtes-du-Rhône Les Cranilles 2015
  • Domaine Fond Croze Côtes du Rhône Villages "La Croix du Coq" 2015

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France's Champagne Alternatives

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  • La Grange aux Garçons Brut Crémant de Bordeaux NV
  • Comtesse de Saint-Pey Rosé Brut Crémant de Bordeaux NV
  • Château d'Avrillé Brut Crémant de Loire NV
  • Domaine de Joÿ Brut Vin Mousseux NV

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How It Works

Each week our Wine Experts thoughtfully select a 4-pack of wine based on a common theme. Once the pack is selected, they record a video so you can watch along and learn about each wine as you taste your pack. Weekly Tasting isn't a club so you'll only receive the packs you select!



The Only Online Wine Tasting Club for Curious Collectors

There you are on your couch, unwinding after a long week, doing your best to finish planning the dinner party you'll be hosting tomorrow night. And you're wondering what kind of wine would pair well with a brainstorming session.

If you've ever found yourself in a situation like the one above, contemplating which wine would make a perfect partner for your current situation, consider this our formal invitation to you: Stop wondering — and start collecting and buying wine online.

Every night can suddenly become the best of the week when you join a wine club. And when you can find an affordable and convenient online wine club to join, that's an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Those who join our online wine tasting club always have the right wine for every occasion.

And the online wine club offers don't stop once you register.

Picture this: wine was just delivered to your door. The night is made.

For those who join us, an online monthly wine membership affords the luxury of a private wine collection box with the level of convenience that comes with a newspaper subscription.

Just sign up for our online wine club, and the affordable amenities come pouring in.

The. Best. Wine. Club. To. Join.

Any wine of the month club can deliver a wine subscription box to your home and call it a day, but only a top-rated wine club like Weekly Tasting employs world-class wine experts. Why? Because they love wine just as much as you do.

The Best Wine Club Deals at Your Fingertips

How do we do it?

We always start by thinking of the wine that we would want delivered to our door. From there, we find some of the top wine varietals in the world and create a box that not only encourages you to taste, but to learn. Here's the other two most important things you'll get from our online wine tasting club:

  1. The best wine subscription box for you
  2. Flexible wine box delivery, with monthly and weekly service options available

Check out this video to see what goes into every wine club delivery:

Here is a list of the things you could receive with each weekly or monthly delivery service from our wine club (depending on your wine-tasting subscription):

  • Four 750ml bottles of wine selected by a Weekly Tasting expert (without any recurring monthly wine membership fees). After finding the wines of the week or month online, select which wine sets you want delivered to your home.
  • Suggested pairing cards (for those nights you can't have wine without your favorite pasta dish)
  • Video discussing the wine we offer each given week. These videos help you learn more about the origin, pairings, and other facts about your wine tasting subscription.
  • Access to a personal online wine cellar
    • Not only do we mail you the best wine subscription box you'll find online, but we store all of your previous tastings in a personal cellar that is designed just for you. Just head to our affordable online club and find wines you've tasted before to build your own collection.

Find Your Next Wine of the Month Online

Here's a closer look at the process that goes into ordering from our top-rated wine club:

  1. Wine expert selects wine and arranges in packs like the ones you see above.
  2. Buy wine online, and we mail your wine tasting selection. Every wine club delivery comes at one flat rate, with no obligation to make repeated purchases or buy a subscription.
  3. Watch an educational video filmed by wine experts at our online wine club.
  4. Get in on the secret that any other monthly wine delivery service simply won't offer. With quality varietals and intriguing information to boot, you'll get some of the best deals and experiences that any wine club could provide.

Top-Rated Online Wine Club, Top-Notch Combinations

Our selection process is anything but random. Every wine box delivery is themed by either region or varietal. And, each theme depends on you and your wants.

Experts from our online wine-tasting club select some of the most high-quality bottles of wine from wineries throughout the world to send in the mail. Then, we create wine tasting selections that are simply exquisite.

Here are a few wine selections that our customers found online and couldn't help but order:

  • Bordeaux!
  • Exploring Burgundy
  • Tour Of France
  • Spain / Portugal
  • If you Love Cabernet, Try This
  • Thanksgiving Perfect Pair
  • France's Champagne Alternatives
  • Pizza Pack
  • You Say Grenache, I Say Garnacha

Each of these wine club deliveries can help you accent virtually any occasion — from first dates to nights in. Just order from our online wine club, and we'll mail out your new favorite.

Affordable Wine Club, All Online

All it takes is ordering wine online to round out your unfinished (or unstarted!) collection. It's not just a wine-of-the-month club, it's an opportunity to become a wine connoisseur.

With a simple click, you'll find sets that were tailored to serve everyone at your dinner party with some bottles to spare. Once your online wine club subscription is in the mail, you'll be ready to host a memorable event. What average online wine club can offer that? Weekly Tasting boasts a reputation for being one of the top wine clubs online because we give you opportunities to experience a diverse selection of tasting sets — all while we maintain an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

Get your favorite wine delivered to your home, get a gift for wine lovers in your family. Just hop on the site, and our online wine club will do the rest.

Interested in learning more about how our online wine tasting club can amp up your collection? Contact us today at (855) 463-7707 or reach out to us on social media today!

Weekly Tasting is the younger sister to WTSO, a place where customers can order single bottles of wine online. Nonetheless, both brands offer wine experience that you won't soon forget. We opened Weekly Tasting up to the people who want more out of each bottle they buy. We knew it was time to sweeten up wine boxes, which is where our inspiration began.