The Spring Rosé Wine Event Returns in Time for Warmer Weather

The Spring Rosé Wine Event Returns with a New Vintage

Exclusive First Look: New 2023 Vintage of Rosé

Discover new 2023 rosé wines with an exclusive collection from WTSO! For two days only, mix & match the iconic crisp and fresh flavors of the latest vintage of pink wines from the French appellation of Provence.

On March 28-29, 2024, enjoy access to springtime savings up to 70% off when you order from this premier selection of wines. Stock up during the Spring Rosé Wine Event to prepare for a refreshing spring and summer. Get $10 taken off at checkout* for every 12 bottles purchased – plus receive free shipping on every 4 bottles!

The Spring Rosé Wine Event Returns in Time for Warmer WeatherA Sneak Peek of Available Wines:

Vallée des Pins Provence Rosé 2023
JP Picard Sancerre Rosé 2023
Perle du Sud Provence Rosé 2023
Les Quatre Tours Provence Rosé ‘Classique’ 2023

The Provence Wine Region of France

Provence is a wine region located in the southeastern part of France, known for producing some of the world’s best rosé wines. The appellation’s long history of winemaking, combined with its sunny Mediterranean climate, makes it an ideal place for growing grapes. The rosé wines produced in Provence are characterized by their light, crisp taste and their pale pink color. They are made from a blend of different grape varieties, including Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault, and are often enjoyed as a refreshing warm weather drink.

Rosé wines are now considered a staple of the region’s cuisine and often enjoyed with local recipes such as bouillabaisse and ratatouille.  The wine’s delicate flavor and aroma make it a perfect pairing for spring dishes like seafood, salads, and other light dishes. See wine pairings at the bottom of this blog post!

From our partner Wine Expert [Video]:
The Best Rosé Wines in the World 

Yes Way, Rosé!

Rosé wines have surged in popularity in recent years, becoming a beloved choice among wine enthusiasts worldwide. Their light, refreshing nature and versatile flavor profiles make them perfect for a variety of occasions, from picnics to elegant dinners.

Winemakers are now producing high-quality rosés using traditional winemaking techniques, resulting in complex and well-balanced flavors. The best rosé wines showcase the characteristics of the grapes they are made from, offering a delightful mix of fruitiness, acidity, and minerality. Whether made from Grenache, Syrah, Pinot Noir, or other grape varieties, top-quality rosé wines exhibit elegance and finesse, proving that they are not just a passing trend but a category of wine that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the finest whites and reds (without the high price tag).

Rosé Wine Pairings: Try These Recipes

Traditional Ratatouille
Simple Pasta Provençal
Grilled Chili-Garlic Swordfish
Easy Pan Bagnat
Niçoise Salad

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